A striptease by your high class escort

A striptease by your high class escort

A striptease by your high class escort

The first thing that many people think of when they think of a striptease is a bachelor party where a striptease is given to the future bride or groom. Although our high class escorts cannot be booked for this, they do enjoy doing a striptease every now and then.

A striptease responds to voyeuristic and exhibitionistic fantasies, but can also be a very exciting way to get in the mood for a more erotic setting for other reasons. A striptease is also often requested by clients with a physical disability or by couples who are taking a small step towards a threesome for the first time. And there are many more possibilities. A client talks about his experiences with striptease and high class escort.

The client and his experiences with striptease and high class escort

"For me, stripping or burlesque can be sensuality par excellence, art with a capital A. On top of that, pole dancing is a bit more of all that. That is art, sensuality and top sport in one. There is even a chance that pole dancing will become an Olympic sport, but that aside. It is recommended to attend a show by the diva of burlusque, Dita van Teese, in Carré theater in Amsterdam, when she is back in the Netherlands. The best strip club for me was always Breeze (formerly Club Live) in Scheveningen, where both female and male strippers were on stage and amateurs were also welcome to show off their skills. There was always a pleasant party atmosphere, but unfortunately the club is now closed.

A lady on an escort date for the first time remains special, both for the lady and the client. In general, the lady will have less experience, on the other hand, it is an experience with a special charm for both. On a Saturday evening it would be the first time booking an escort who was on her very first escort booking. My favorite strip club seemed like a great place to go out and get in the mood. An outing that we can enjoy together. The moment we entered, all the nerves of escort seemed to disappear. I led by example and started with a lap dance. My companion didn't need any extra motivation to be next. Her cheeks became redder and redder, her eyes were shining and she wanted to do a few more lap dances afterwards. In the end it was so much fun that it was near closing time of the club. The sequel started with a

In my opinion, the capital of strip clubs is not Las Vegas, but London. London is home to the legendary clubs Spearmint Rhino and Stringfellows, among others. But there are also many other establishments. Strip clubs in London offer the opportunity to go out chic and erotic, for both men and women. Enjoy eroticism with sophistication and with champagne. It is also a place where you can encounter London's jet set. An opportunity to see and be seen in a perfect ambiance, to get in the mood for the later hours and build up the excitement.

The first time in Stringfellows my escort and I enjoyed beautiful shows during dinner in the club. The ladies were very beautiful and moved lasciviously and sensually. Of course we also enjoyed some lap dances. My companion was offered by some visiting gentlemen to perform a striptease for them. Although she had a lot of experience in this, she did not meet their request. Her striptease talents were just for me that night.”


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