Our escorts followed a massage and striptease training

Our escorts followed a massage and striptease training

Erotic massage and striptease course for our escorts

A few times a year we organize a course day for our high class escorts. Not only does this improve the skills of the escorts, it is also a great time for the escorts to get to know each other better and exchange experiences. Last week around 25 of our high class escorts took part in a course day, this time in Amsterdam. The day consisted of three parts. First, the escorts followed a striptease workshop, followed by a group discussion while enjoying a healthy lunch. We ended the day with an erotic massage workshop. It was a fun and educational day for our high class escorts. We are happy to explain what our escorts have learned, so that you can look forward to this during your next booking.

Striptease and lap dance by a high class escort

Our high class escorts arrived at the course day in a sporty outfit with heels underneath. It may sound strange, but a leggings and top with high heels isn't all that bad looking. The outfit accentuated the feminine curves of our escorts very nicely. The escorts learned from the teacher how to walk seductively, then it was time for the real thing. The teacher showed beautiful movements that the escorts practiced. When a high class escort gives a striptease, this will mainly be in a hotel room and not on a large stage. That must of course be taken into account. The escorts were divided into pairs, with one escort taking place in a chair and taking on the role of client. The other escort performed a striptease and lap dance on her. After practicing on each other a number of times, you saw that everyone was increasingly comfortable with the striptease. From a distance it was beautiful to see; seductive looks, sultry hip movements, hands sliding over bodies, and of course occasional laughter when something did not go as well as planned.

Erotic massage with body to body massage by your escort

An erotic massage is often part of a booking with our high class escorts. It creates relaxation and excitement and is a great way for both client and high class escort to get in the mood. That is why the erotic massage course is most often provided at our high class escortservice. During this workshop the basis of a relaxation massage is explained, with special attention to erotic elements that are added to the massage. A very erotic element is of course the body to body massage. This can be done with the breasts, but also with the buttocks. Imagine that your favorite high class escort slides over your body with her breasts and buttocks, that's heavenly! When you are completely relaxed from the massage but at the same time enormously excited by the erotic elements, it is time for le moment suprême! Of course, during the course special attention is paid to the penis massage and prostate massage. Naturally, our high class escorts would like to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice, so be prepared for a very relaxing yet erotic get-together!