Restaurants in The Hague

Where to eat in The Hague with your high class escort?

Dinner dates are among the most popular types of bookings at our high class escort service. And with many of our escorts based in The Hague, it is no wonder many dinner dates are in The Hague. Most clients however, are not from The Hague or The Netherlands at all and request our asistance for the selection of a nice restaurant in The Hague that is suitable for a dinner date with a high class escort. For your convenience we offer you some restaurant suggestions. Please keep in mind it’s just a suggestion, there is no cooperation of any kind between the The Hague restaurant and Society Service.

For discretion reasons it is preferred you make reservations at the restaurant under your own name. If insist on us booking a table for you, we will outsource this to the luxury concierge service we use and they will book a table under their name. But again, it is preferred you book a table under your own name to avoid complications when changes are made to a booking.

General The Hague restaurant advice

In The Netherlands we have our very own version of TripAdvisor; it’s called IENS. Iens is a restaurant review board and it’s one of the most reliable sources for finding your perfect restaurant in The Hague, or any other destination in The Netherlands. Most of their website is available in English so browse around and after entering your preferences, Iens will find the best restaurants for you.

Your high class escort is your lover of the evening

Of course we advice you to look for a type of restaurant to which you should take your loves one as well. After all, your high class escort is your ‘conquest’ of the night and she also gets in the right mood when having a good glass of wine and a lovely dinner in a cosy restaurant. Later that night, in your (hotel)room, you will not regret ‘spoiling’ your company. She will reward you accordingly.

Our favourites in The Hague

Fine dining: We recommend to extend your dinner date to at least seven or eight hours, or even better an overnight stay, so that you can enjoy your sexy ‘digestif’ to the fullest. Of course we have some favorite addresses. One of the most beautiful restaurants in The Hague is located in the iconic Hotel Des Indes. Dining here really gives your high class escort the feeling that she matters to you… A ‘worldly cuisine’ at, although it is of course of no importance, a very reasonable price. This way you can book your high class escort even longer… Also at the heart of the city you will find Calla’s, rewarded with a Michelin star. A beautiful restaurant with a menu accordingly, and a large selection of very nice wines. A perfect ‘prelude’ for a perfect night with the escort lady of your choice. Last but not least, we can certainly also recommend you restaurant Publique, a stylish restaurant with international cuisine.

Trendy food: the ‘Buurtschap 2005’-area, situated around the renowned Denneweg, hosts many trendy restaurants. Please keep in mind that most of our high class escorts also are young, hip and trendy. Chances are that they spend their leisure time in this type of restaurants and for obvious reasons they prefer not to visit these locations when ‘on duty’. But we do suggest some locations anyway. Oker on the Denneweg, crowded at times but equipped with some cosy quiet corners as well. The courses are size ‘entremets’ and the youg service crew is impeccable. Restaurant Oogst (‘harvest’) from the same owner as Michelin star restaurant Calla’s recently won the prestigious ‘Golden Ladle’-award. Also worth the effort on and around the Denneweg: restaurant Alexander (French), restaurant Dekkxels (Mediterranean/Asian) and Walter Benedict – a classic French bistro-style location.

Fish restaurants (with of course always several other dishes on the menu) are well represented in coastal city The Hague. Many high class escorts are very fond of fish and shellfish; it’s generally ‘light’ to digest and that’s what ladies like… An outright ‘hit’ is restaurant Catch by Simonis, located on the inner harbour of Scheveningen (yes, try to pronounce that). Cosy, busy, equipped with a very nice terrace as well on the street side as on the port side, a huge selection of extremely fresh fish and shellfish (always the catch of the day). Fairly large portions though, the owner wants you to have ‘value for money’, as he states. On the same street located is The Harbour Club, a restaurant with more or less the same atmosphere, perhaps a little more sophisticated. When dining at the classical French fish restaurant Les Ombrelles it is no exception to spot a minister of the Dutch government or a foreign ambassador – your discretion is guaranteed. For years and years one of the best fish restaurants of The Netherlands is CottonTree Mer in Scheveningen – formerly known as ‘Seinpost’. The impeccable and incredibly fresh dishes of renowned Chef de Cuisine Gert-Jan Cieremans (one Michelin Star) remained. You and your ‘lady of the night’ will experience a wonderful evening that can last as long as you want it to.

Asian restaurants: you really can’t ignore Han Ting when it comes to fine Asian dining with your high class escort. This restaurant is at the top of their league for years already. You won’t dislike their ‘sister company’ Umami either. In The Hague, all types of Asian cuisine are to be found. We mention just some of them. Wox (international, trendy), Oni (Japanese; would there be any high class escorts not fond of sushi?), Ngon (Vietnamese; lean food, that’s what ladies like) and Mandarin Palace (Chinese, with the best dim sum ever). Obviously The Hague is littered with Indonesian restaurants. Some excellent locations: The Raffles, Blauw 070, Keraton Damai, but these are just a few of the many. There ar numerous very nice Indonesian restaurants in the royal residence.

Looking for an extraordinary dining experience? Then take your high class escort to the highest restaurant of The Netherlands: The Penthouse in the ‘Haagse Toren’ (the ‘The Hague Tower). The premises is located on the sheer height of 135 meters; even higher than the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. The view is absolutely fenomenal. A small disadvantage though can be that sometimes you will be distracted from the other spectacular view from your table: your gorgeous company.

Why not start the appointment with your high class escort with al lovely lunch? You hardly can get any closer to a real ‘Girlfriend Experience’ than this way. After lunch, the two of you sway your way to the hotel to find out what the evening has in store for you. CottonTree City (formerly known as ‘Le Bistroquet’) is a great place for lunch. The renowned restaurant underwent a complete makeover and operates under a new name, but the cuisine is familiar (and really nice). Aptly named: La Passione, Italian cuisine with passion. Located in Voorburg, just outside of The Hague, is located the very upscale residence Central Park (you can even have a posh breakfast here), where the cuisine bears the signature of well knowned Michelin star chef Ron Blaauw. Central Park is a boutique hotel as well, so if your lunch runs a little late…

Discreet dining: located in the Carlton Ambassador Hotel is restaurant & lounge Henricus. Cosey sitting areas, good food. And being a very romatic hotel, who knows what lunch can lead to… Another good choice: restaurant Pearl in the The Hague Hilton Hotel.

If you just want to have a cocktail or a nice glass of wine with a small bite: at the earlier mentioned Denneweg you can choose from a fabulous selection of mostly French wines in wine bar Pierre. All wines are purchased at one of Hollands most renowned wine merchants, De Bruijn Wine Merchants from Nijmegen, who also supplies the Royal family. Guide your high class escort girl through France! A more mediterranean atmosphere is to be found in ‘Grapes & Olives’. In this wine bar you can relive your holiday at the Mediterranean Sea all over again. ‘Best wine bar of 2014’ (Iens). At the attractive ‘Wicked Wines’ the small bites all have an Asian touch. And we can tell you: all high class escort just lóve the light French-Asian bites served here. An other contemporary option serving tapas, wine and cocktails is Tapisco, which is open all days of the week.

Recommendations and suggestions

As mentioned before, the places mentioned above are just suggestions. We have no cooperation of any kind with the suggested locations and they are only based on our personal preferences. Do you want your location to be added or removed then please send us an e-mail and we will take your request into consideration.