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Clubs and Festivals

Clubbing and dancing with a high class escort

Many of our high class escorts and exclusive gigolos love to dance and are happy to accompany you on a night out. The major cities of the Netherlands boast a vibrant nightlife, which is especially fun to explore with a gorgeous escort by your side. You can visit a luxury nightclub, disco or festival with the escort and dance the night away, sip a glass of champagne in the VIP room and enjoy the music.

The Dutch party scene is world famous because of the well-known DJs from our country. It will therefore not surprise you that the majority of our (younger) escorts also enjoy a night out themselves. But that is precisely why not every escort is available to accompany you on a party booking, for fear of meeting acquaintances from the private sphere which would compromise the privacy of the escort. For the escorts available for this service, this is not or much less of an issue, they are happy to go out with you.

You can opt for a night out in one of the fun discotheques and clubs that can be found in the major cities of the Netherlands. But also take a look at the great festivals that are happening in the Netherlands. It is usually also possible to go out in a larger group. Ideally, you as a client will go out with several of our nice escorts, but you can also take several escorts with you as a group of clients. The possibilities are discussed per request. We would like to point out that our escorts do not use drugs and do not wish their clients do so either.

31 Escorts who enjoy going out clubbing

The escorts and gigolos below are happy to go out clubbing with you or visit a festival. This is always possible outside the escort's own place of residence and, in consultation, also within the escort's own place of residence.