Quotenet 2021

Quotenet about our newest transgender high class escort

On November 30th, Quotenet (the online platform of monthly magazine Quote) published an article about our high class escort service. The article appeared in response to our previously sent press release in which we announced the arrival of our very first transgender high class escort. You can read the original article online at Quotenet (in Dutch) or read the English translation below.

Something for everyone: high class escort entrepreneur starts with transgender, 'I meet a secret need'

The escort market also works with supply and demand. So when high class escort entrepreneur Marike van der Velden realized that the needs of 'ambitious businessmen' are changing, she capitalized on it. Her first transgender escort can be booked as of today and her (born 'he') is called Helena, named after once the most beautiful woman in Greece.

If there were a Champions League for escort, high class escort agency Society Service  would win the final every year. Or in their words: 'We have been the market leader in the premium sector for erotica for fifteen years.' And then of course you sometimes hear something.

Back at work!

We spoke with entrepreneur Marike van der Velden (37) who has been at the helm of Society Service since she was 21. The past few months have been busier than ever, especially after full work was resumed in mid-May. "We were banned from all support packages by the government, so I'm happy that my ladies and gentlemen can now fill their savings account again." And hers too, of course, "we can't complain!"

Escorts with long nails

We called the ambitious Van der Velden before about the girlfriend experience, where you can book a stunning escort as a dinner companion (and we'll see what the evening brings) for Christmas dinner, for example. “Almost like the real deal,” she said at the time. Today she introduces Helena. Also almost real, or just real, since her gender reassignment. "She's a woman through and through. Breasts, beautiful hair, long nails, everything… And with a special present in her panties.'

And that special present, yes, that is indeed what you are thinking now and yes, there is a demand for it, that's what she hears through her escorts who hear about it from their clients. 'You desire what you see, just like the large booties that suddenly became an ideal of beauty ten years ago. I think it's important to satisfy a secret need among my clients. Despite the fact that many are serious and ambitious businessmen, I am sure that many secretly fantasize about an exciting time with a trans woman.'

Are you the first to offer a transsexual escort?

'The offer of transsexual sex workers is quite extensive, but I have not been able to find any other transgender escort in the Netherlands in the so-called "high class" or "luxury high end" segment.'

Do you notice that clients want to try something different?'

'I think it's too vulgar to say that men sometimes want to try something different, then it seems as if Helena becomes an experiment.'

A sexperiment?

'Yes something like that. I prefer to think of it as wanting to go on a journey of discovery together. Men find it exciting and stimulating.’

Have the first bookings been made already?

'Of course! Since I posted the press release on our site this morning, the emails have been pouring in. Not with just bookings right away, you know, also clients who are first exploring and want to know everything. For example, I am often asked about my gigolos whether they are well-endowed, but I don't answer that, such a small detail.'

Or big?

'But that's not what a full-fledged high escort is about. I don't ask my ladies how big their vulva is either, you know.”



Who are your clients?

'Pooh, our customer base is so diverse. From the hardware store employee who books our Helena instead of a holiday to movie stars, rock stars, higher management, entrepreneurs, lawyers and so on. Whether there are also Fortune 500 members in my rolodex? Of course, but I'm not going to name names of course.'

Ah please?

'Nope, I really won't.'

Top 10?


Fine. What do you expect from the transgenderservice?

'I think that the clients who will ask about our transgender escort come from different backgrounds, but some stereotypes are based on something. In practice, for example, we notice that the most serious and honest bank directors and managers are more likely to ask for a lady who likes to literally take control than other types. So who knows… Maybe a very specific group will come forward with requests!'

How much will that cost, a trans-adventure with Helena?

'The rates start from Euro 700 for 2 hours, just like with the majority of our female escorts.'

The single-last word is for Helena:

'I feel like a woman down to the smallest fiber of my body and mind. I love eroticism and sexuality and I am very happy that I can now work as a professional high class escort. I am looking forward to it.'

Good luck Helena, and enjoy!