NPO3 Spuiten en Slikken 2022

NPO 3 Spuiten en Slikken about Valentines-day at a high class escortservice

On February 14th 2022, better known as Valentine's Day, Spuiten en Slikken from NPO3 media published an article on their website about how Valentine's Day is celebrated at a high class escort service. For this they interviewed various escorts from Society Service. To guarantee the privacy of the escorts, they are listed in the article under a different name than on the website. You can see the original article here and read it on this page.

Escorts about their work: "Some clients give their partner an escort as a gift"

It's Valentine's Day. Maybe you pamper your partner or vice versa. Or you are single and you feel like some action? Then it might be an idea to hire an escort. We asked three of them what their work looks like on Valentine's Day.

High class escort Rosa

How did you start as an escort?
“My older boyfriend was very fiery in bed. The relationship ended, but that fervor tasted like more. Then after some research on the internet I found an article about Society Service. That is a high class escort service. That sounded exciting to me. I decided to apply there. I was accepted and so the adventure began. The nice thing about this work is that it is always different. One week I have a booking with someone in a wheelchair, the next week with a couple. Sometimes I also have a date with a lonely person who just wants a nice evening. It is extra exciting with new clients because that always gives me the same feeling as during a first date.”

What does Valentine's Day look like for you?
“I have a booking tonight with a new client. Because of Valentijn I like to do something extra. Tonight that means red lingerie. I'll bring some rose petals and candles and also some strawberries with whipped cream. In addition, I make a handwritten card with the text: "I had a nice evening, I hope to see you again soon. Thank you for being my Valentine.” I put that card under the pillow when I leave. He is alone and so am I. That makes it extra special to spend the evening together. Sometimes I buy a present for clients I know. But only if they are not married. Because I don't want to get them in trouble."

Is that the girlfriend experience?
"Absolutely. I myself am very caring and romantic. It feels like you're in a relationship with that person for just that night. Fantastic, because I have all the lusts and no burdens. Giving the client the feeling that it is our world of fantasy we are delving into. That to me is the girlfriend experience. People pay a lot of money and you get a perfect girlfriend in return. I excite my clients so that I am sure they want to see me again.”

High class escort Rachel

How did you start as an escort?
“I came from a relationship and was interested in this industry. This seemed like a good opportunity to apply. I immediately got a good and professional feeling. About three years ago I was hired and immediately started working and still enjoy it. ”

What is the girlfriend experience for you?
“I notice that my clients are more looking for intimacy. With a longer booking, for example, we go for a bite to eat and we have a good conversation where we get to know each other better. If you are broadly interested, you can talk about anything as an escort and you are the perfect 'girlfriend'. The approach is always sex for me. I make some extra effort by looking at where the booking is and coming up with some ideas. I like it when people bring something to the booking, it gives me the feeling that they have made a little effort for me. I also always have a blindfold or an exciting game in my handbag. To break the ice.”

What does your Valentine's Day look like?
“Unfortunately this year is anything but exciting because I am quarantined this Valentine's Day thanks to a positive corona test. But I have a boyfriend and we are usually together on this day. I would be open to having an appointment on Valentine's Day. I think it would be nice to have a romantic date as an escort. By the way, my boyfriend and I met when I was already doing this job. I was immediately open about that. So he is used to my work. His only fear is that other people find out that I do this work.”

High class escort Robin

When did you start as an escort?
“In the summer of 2020. I actually wanted that for a long time and I could use the money. In the beginning I didn't have many bookings, but from September of that year it picked up. Unfortunately we went into lockdown again in December and I lost all my bookings. From May 2021 I had dates again and that went on nicely until December. The first month of this year  everything was closed again which was drama. When the infections increase, you notice that people are more careful.”

What do you like most about being an escort?
“The girlfriend experience. It's really about making a connection and making the other person feel special. It's more than just plain sex. I don't like that anyway. With the girlfriend experience you really get to know someone a bit. That way you will also find someone more attractive. I therefore always meet for at least two hours and sometimes even for several days. I have a regular client who I see every two weeks for about five hours, but I also have appointments with business people from abroad or lonely people who want company for an evening. Then we go out to eat or have a drink somewhere. I have also sometimes accompanied a business dinner or stayed with someone in their holiday home. The man mainly wanted to party.”

What is the girlfriend experience for you?
“I always try to find out who the client is. Sometimes the other girls share information about the client. If I know what someone likes, I try to pay extra attention to it. For example, last December I celebrated Sinterklaas evening with a client. I bought him a present and we wrote poems for each other. That way I pay a little more attention. I don't always have sex during the bookings. For example, I have had sexual acts with some of my regular clients, but I have not had penetrative sex. There are also clients with whom I don't have sex at all. At most, I cuddle with them.”

What does your Valentine's Day look like?
“At the moment I am not in the Netherlands and I do not have a date for Valentine's Day. I am happy and single so if I were in the Netherlands I would have liked that. Then I would like to go out for dinner in a good restaurant and put on a beautiful and exciting lingerie set. Then I don't care if it's a new or regular client. I have had clients who on Valentine's Day gave their partner an escort as a gift for another day.”