Flair 2022

Flair Magazine about special professions: running an escort service

On April 15th 2022, Flair published an article about women with a special profession. For this they interviewed Marike, owner of high class escortservice Society Service. In the article she talks about how she once started this escort service and what it's like to practice this special profession. You can read a translation of the article below and find the original in Dutch here.

Marike (38) runs a high class escort agency: 'The stigma that rests on this industry annoys me'

Women talk about their special profession. Marike van der Velden (38) has been running a high class escort agency Society Service since she was 21. People regularly have questions about her profession and find her work intriguing. "People often think I'm in my high heels, hair in a curl, wearing a bathrobe, sipping champagne behind my computer."

Establish an escort agency

Marike: “If you look at what I actually do, my profession does not differ much from, for example, an account manager. Only the subject is different. With a client on the phone I don't talk about a kilo of apples that he wants to order for example, but we talk about where the client wants to have dinner with an escort or what someone's erotic preferences are. Talking about eroticism is normal for me.

It certainly will be after sixteen years, that's how long I've had the escort agency. During my study Business Administration I met another lady who had the idea to set up an escort agency. She often received requests for escort working, but did not want to offer that service herself. She did see a market in it. I was still studying, I didn't quite know which direction I wanted to go in, so I thought it would be great fun to set up a company together.”

High class escorts

“What makes the escorts at my agency high class is that they can be booked for entertainment both inside and outside the bedroom. So it goes a step further than just eroticism. That social aspect is very important. You can compare a booking with the perfect first date. It is very common for an escort and a client to have dinner or do something fun, such as going to the theater or traveling together. I also see them going to the sauna together or, for example, a theme park. Really anything fun to do on a first date is possible.

I find it annoying that many escorts still face the stigma that rests on this industry. There is often a general perception that any form of sex work is carried out by ladies with a problematic background. And that the clients are always dirty, scary men. I find these prejudices very painful, because fortunately the practice is very different. At least at my escort agency for sure. I work with escorts and gigolos who are highly educated, who have thought long and hard about this choice and who enjoy doing this job.”

Screening clients

“I want to create a special experience for both the escort or gigolo and the client. With that in mind, I decide who is and who is not a good fit for my escort agency. Clients are carefully screened and I pay close attention to the feeling I get from someone. That's something I've had to learn over the past sixteen years. I look at what expectations someone has and whether that corresponds to what I offer. The conversation should just feel right.

Clients come – just like the escorts and gigolos – in all shapes and sizes. We have clients in their early twenties, extremely nervous. They do this for the first time and are still virgins. But we also get bookings from successful businessmen, superstars, footballers and lawyers. Or couples who book an escort or gigolo together. It really can go either way. And that also makes it very nice for the escorts and gigolos: no two bookings are the same."

Applications escorts and gigolos

The applications of escorts and gigolos are also done carefully. The job is certainly not for everyone. Quite often I have to deal with unrealistic expectations. With this work you can earn a very nice living, but it is and remains work; of course you have to do something for it. Eating out a bit in gourmet restaurants and doing nothing else will of course not earn you 500 euros. Applicants who expect this have a wrong image of this industry.

So I pay attention to expectations, but I also look: is there chemistry between us? Of course I have to be able to enter into a pleasant collaboration with someone. In addition, we have a checklist that potential escorts and gigolos must meet. For example, a person's body should be in proportion, between sizes XS and XL. Someone must also be over the age of 21, speak Dutch and English and live in the Netherlands. These are just hard requirements that you as an applicant must meet if you want to be considered.

Profession with variety

“I notice that people have a lot of questions about my profession, while this work has been around for so long. Many series are also made about it and it is regularly in the news. Still, it continues to intrigue people. People often think I'm in my high heels, hair in a curl, wearing a bathrobe, sipping champagne behind my computer. But in practice my job doesn't really differ that much from an office job.

The best thing about my job is the variety. No day is really the same for me. Of course there are recurring tasks, but in principle there is something different to do every day. For example, I work behind the computer and I am busy with administrative tasks. But I also have conversations with clients, to set up a booking or to screen someone. And I organize all kinds of activities with the escorts and gigolos, such as photo shoots, course days, but also drinks and dinners. I also really like the freedom of my own company.”