BNN VARA podcast about highclass escort

On May 21st 2021, one of our high class escorts was interviewed for the podcast series "Luisterwerk", an initiative of Baksteen, part of the BNN VARA Academy. The theme of this podcast is cheating and Raïsha shared a conversation with a highclass escort about love and relationships. Listen to the podcast episode below (in Dutch) and read a little more about what's discussed here.

BNN VARA podcast about highclass escort and cheating

Raïsha: "This week the statement is: Cheating should be possible. Today's guest knows everything about people who occasionally cheat. The 24 year old Fleur has been working as a high class escort for 3 years. And with her all-inclusive Girlfriend Experience, she tries to make her clients fall in love a little bit every time. Fleur, introduce yourself as sultry as possible."

Fleur: "I am Fleur, I am an intelligent, spontaneous and hardworking student with a very naughty side, who likes to get the most out of life. I get a smile on my face from dancing, dining out, culture, pampering and being wild together, even in bed. If you're lucky, I'll be happy to show you my flexible positions."

Raïsha: "Wow, so sensuous! How did you get the idea to do this?"

Fleur: "The idea started I was in about twenty years old. I read about another escort and that seemed super exciting. Nice hotels, fancy dinners, meeting new people, that sounded great. I went to see what kind of escort agencies there are and so I came across Society Service. I am very happy with the adventures I get to experience there. Every week I go on some kind of blind date. I am usually invited to a hotel or at the client's home. Unless you've seen the client before, you don't know who you're going to meet. I find that exciting every time, but that's also the kick."

Raïsha: "You are a highclass escort, what's the difference between highclass escort and a normal escort?"

Fleur: "With a high class escort it is not just about eroticism. You really get to know each other better, share conversations and do fun things together. The minimum booking is two hours. Every booking starts with an introduction, such as a drink in the hotel room, visiting a restaurant, etc. so that you and the client are both at ease. You take extensive time for this and only when you are both ready do you go a little further. For example, you can take a bath together and then you see what you both feel like. You make sure that you both enjoy the booking."

Raïsha: "What charms do you use to make your client fall in love with you?"

Fleur: "That little bit of love doesn't come from the eroticism but from the connection you build with someone. You show a part of yourself, even though it is a business affair. You make sure that you are yourself and make a genuine connection with someone. It can therefore happen that people develop intense feelings, such as being in love. However, that does not go too far, it remains a business contact."

Raïsha: "I've read that 70% of married men sometimes have paid sex outside of the relationship. What kind of service do you offer that they don't get at home?"

Fleur: "That varies. It can be a very specific erotic preference that the partner doesn't like. You also regularly see that the sexual flame in marriage has been extinguished and people need attention. Some clients talk openly about their relationship, others don't. I won't get into it myself, it's up to the client what he wants to share. Some people tell me their entire life story, others share less. Usually the client is just happily married, they love each other, share a beautiful family and home and do not want to get divorced. Whether or not in consultation with the partner, the erotic element is then filled in elsewhere, for example with a high-class escort. Personally, I don't like to lie and I would like to discuss it."

Raïsha: "Would you continue to do this job if you had a partner, or would you consider that cheating?"

Fleur: "I am single and have no partner. I think if you're open about it, it's fine to combine. In any case, I wouldn't want to do it secretly and want my partner to support me in my choices. When I know the client a little better, we sometimes talk about that. If I found out myself that my partner was cheating, I would feel hurt. Yet I don't feel guilty about the choices the client makes and the consequences thereof. That is something between the client and his partner. If my partner had sexual needs that I don't share, I'd like him to discuss this so that we can find a solution."

Raïsha: "Actually you have quite a double life as a highclass escort, don't you?"

Fleur: "Yes that's right. I am open about my work as a highclass escort towards some people, but not always. Then I make up an excuse. In addition, I hide things that have to do with my work as an escort. I earn a little more than my fellow students, but I don't flaunt it. As an escort my income varies per booking but it is well above average."

Raïsha: "Have you ever encountered a client in everyday life?"

Fleur: "Yes. I was out with family and saw a client with his wife. We gave each other a wink and no one else noticed anything. That couldn't have been better. Just as the client doesn't want me to approach him, I don't want him to do so either. Discretion is very important."