Spend Credit

If your credit is €50 or more, you can use it to pay (part of) the rate of your booking. The credit can be used for any booking type and can also be used to pay for additional services such as travel expenses. Finally, your credit will also first be used to pay a cancellation fee.

Add Credit

Prepayments: Many of our repeat clients choose to prepay a larger amount via banktransfer so no financial aspects need to be arranged and discussed during bookings. This credit can also be used to extend bookings more easily. When you make a larger prepayment, this will be processed within 10 days of your next booking. The remaining, after deducting the booking rate, is added to your credit. Any change to your credit is also processed within 10 days of a booking. You can always view your current credit and the last change to it when you are logged in.

Referrals: If you refer a new client to Society Service, €200 will be added to your credit after his/her first booking with Society Service. Please make sure to inform us of the referral.

Assistance: If you provide assistance that we feel improves our service, website or our company as a whole, an appropriate amount of credit will be added to your account to compensate you for your assistance. Examples of such assistance are to inform us of misspellings and broken links on our website, blug input, suggestions which improve the design or technology of our website and suggestions to improve our service in general.

Bartering: We are open to bartering proposals. As a company, we have lots of tasks and who better to fulfill them than caring clients. Do you think you (or your company) can be of assistance, we look forward to receiving your proposal. Examples are providing a photoshoot location, spa/wellness/beauty services for our escorts, mediation for/providing of new payment options and much more. Excluded bartering proposals are those including cyber security, webhosting, photography, accounting, app and website development. Your proposal may also be beneficial for the (maintenance and improvement of the) real-estate we own and manage within our holding. So let's make the most of our talents and combine them for a mutually beneficial deal.