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I am a creative, sweet, caring young woman. Despite my calm nature, I am very lively and I love to get into an in-depth conversation with you. In the right setting, my calm side gives way to my naughty self. Characteristic is my sense of humor and casual look at life, in addition to my love for food and wine. My talent lies in my curiosity about you, from a listening ear to making a long cherished fantasy come to life. My green eyes will follow yours as we get to know each other and my infectious smile will instantly put you at ease.

— XXX —

About Dakota


Dakota is an engaging, intelligent and artistic high class escort with a unique view on life, sensuality and intimacy. As a confident, elegant and mysterious young woman, she is in the prime of her life, enjoying it to the fullest and gratefully reaping the benefits. Dakota will challenge you and inspire you to be a better version of yourself, all while she provides the perfect retreat from the stress and ordinariness of life.

Dakota possesses an unprecedentedly stunning natural beauty and has been active for many years as a successful model. At first glance Dakota seems innocent, serene and sweet, but passion is what drives her and she adores the game of seduction. Dakota is the person who makes your life richer, more rewarding, more enjoyable. During your time together, your leisure and pleasure are her only considerations. While she is sweet, soft, warm, and inviting on a personal level, she is also a consummate mistress. Her creative mind not only benefits time you spend in the bedroom, it makes Dakota a very interesting and inspiring conversationalist. A true 'life-artist', who loves everything that tickles the senses. Dakota is worldly, educated, spiritual, very discreet, intellectually curious, full of life, and open to all things sensual. She constantly seeks out new experiences and learning opportunities to grow and flourish. Above all, Dakota sincerely loves people, in all their diversity. Her warmth and open mindedness make it easy for you to relax, so you can surrender to pleasure.


Our high class escorts offer a Girlfriend Experience, that is romantic, sensual and passionate. Sometimes, with the right connection, our escorts are open to extra services. Below you can find more information about the erotic preferences of the escort.

This escort is heteroflexible and available for:


Dakota offers a romantic Girlfriend Experience. She describes herself as a 'giver' who enjoys a more active and passionate experience, bringing her to multiple squirting orgasms. Intimate kissing and cuddling is something she enjoys with persons she feels a strong connection with. She is looking forward to her first experiences with an other woman during a bisexual duobooking.


In the right mood and after building a relationship of trust, Dakota also enjoys a Pornstar Experience that is a bit rougher and harder. She likes to be with a more dominant lover, who takes charge and tells her what is going to happen. All this, of course, in a respectful manner and with clear mutual consent.


Dakota enjoys soft erotic BDSM in a submissive position, with spanking, blindfolding and soft bondage. She describes herself as rather kinky and enjoys exploring BDSM further.


Dakota does not (yet) have any toys or BDSM-gear to bring to a booking.



The Netherlands and worldwide
Working, Creative marketing




Fair complexion
Long brown
Tall and slim
174 CM
Dress size
Cup size
70/32B - all natural
Natural beauty
100% Natural
Most beautiful feature
Model-like body


Tolerant non smoker
Riesling wine, water, herbal tea
Italian, French, Japanese
Replica Jazz Club (Maison Margiela)
Mariemur, Maison Close


Type of Client

Likes & dislikes


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3 hours
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36 hours
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48 hours
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€ 1400

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5 hours
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6 hours
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Special Packages

Bisexual Duos

: The number one fantasy of every man: A threesome with two bisexual ladies! Available at a reduced rate.

Minimum & Travel Expenses

This escort requires a minimum booking of 3 hours. For bookings within the Netherlands, you may use the calculator below to find the required minimum booking duration and travel expenses.

This escort is based in Amsterdam and available for bookings within The Netherlands and worldwide. The minimum booking duration at international destinations can be requested here. A minimum of 12 to 16 hours applies to most European destinations and between 24 and 48 hours for other international destinations.

Rate Information

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The availability of Dakota can be found in her calendar, which is accurate and up to date. Select a date to view the availability per time of day, which is further explained here. Advance bookings are preferred and recommended. Dakota requires at least one day notice and can be booked up to 6 months in advance. A request for a Guaranteed Booking can be made but at least two days notice is required.

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