Why Louise still wants to work as a high class escort

Why Louise still wants to work as a high class escort

Why Louise still wants to work as a high class escort

Our lovely high class escorts occasionally provide input for our blog and this time it was escort Louise from the Hilversum area who send us a follow-up blog. We are so happy she's back with us and hope to keep her with us for much longer!

Time flies when you're having fun...

"On the 13th of September 2020 my first blog appeared on “the procedure to become a high class escort”. And, oh, how time flies when you’re having fun, right? So, here I am once again, nearly four years later. You might have noticed I have only restarted a short while ago... In this blog I will zoom in a bit on my return, the second photoshoot and requesting your input for future blogs.

I loved this job (read: hobby) from the very first time (2020) and then just a few months later life happened. I refocussed on my career, travelled a lot and lived abroad. Unfortunately, I had to quit this naughtier dream I was chasing. However, the true character of someone will always show... And in my case it’s this naughty dream of mine. I found myself back in Hilversum, single and happy once again, with a little something missing on the side. I decided to contact Marike, for one because I was curious how she and all things were going and for second, to ask if I would be welcomed again to restart as “Louise”. 

Long story short; in no time my profile was back up. I was updated on all the changes and updates of this life and a new photoshoot was planned shortly after. I wondered if I really need a new photoshoot. After all, I had not changed a lot. I still do a lot of sports and take dear care of my body and mind. My hair grew a lot longer though and I have been perfecting my posture (hey, time is ticking away and I am not 20 anymore). However, Marike admitted I changed from the girl next door to a vamp- and yes, she might be very right. As said, life continued, I work in a hard business environment, I learn, experience, and my aim for feminine perfection only got stronger in time.

Before arriving at the location for a shoot I noticed this other beautiful lady with a trolley searching for the entrance. She was dressed colourful, had an open and friendly attitude and looked stunning; this must be one of my new colleagues. In the elevator we started chatting and it was Hannah, and what a coincidence- immediately we found out about each other we both have returned after a long break from this lifestyle. So we rang the doorbell, and Marike opened the door to the “new old Society Service ladies” together!

I am happy to announce I will attend the summer shoot this year, so stay tuned as more pictures are coming. I am already spending time and effort and finding the most complimenting colourful lingerie and bikinis. Some of them I had the pleasure to be gifted by wonderful clients. As we all know a picture if worth a thousand words...

So, I am happily back and if we have not met yet, I hope we will soon. Every now and then I will climb into my pen again and share memorable moments and dreams, to inspire and entertain, after all that’s what I do gratefully. If you have any suggestions, I am happy to hear them and don’t hold back on requesting anything during a booking. I hope to see you soon. xx Louise"


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