Welcome to our improved website

Welcome to our improved website

Welcome to the improved website of our high class escortservice

Over the past months we've been working hard on a major technical improvement of this website. The website may look pretty much the same, but behind the scenes it's not. We won't bore you with the technical details but let's give praise where praise is due. In this blog we'll point out the major improvements that are visible to you.

You now have a member profile

After logging into our member area you will be directed to your client profile. In it you will find some details about your membership and credit, as well as upcoming bookings. You can edit your general personal details as well as booking specific comments, which are forwarded to the escort that you have booked. Your upcoming bookings also list your options for cancellation of the booking.

New escorts are only visible to eligable members

You may see that we currently have less escorts listed than you are used from us. That's because we've decided to make new escorts only visible to those who are eligable for meeting them and only when they are logged in as a member. This automatically means you are only able to meet new escorts if you've had a booking with us in the last year. We hope this provides more clarity and transparency.

Make a short list of your favorite high class escorts

You can now add and remove your favorite escorts to a 'favorites' list. Simply select the heart that appears at the picture of the escort at the overview when your hovering over it with your mouse. You can view your favorites by switching the slider to 'favorites'. 

Minimum booking calculator

Each escort is free to decide where she wants to be available for bookings. This can be only within her place of residence, worldwide, or anything else in between. In addition, the escort can decide what the minimum booking is per travel distance. To make this easier for you, the rate section of the escort will now include a calculator. You can simply type in your booking location (if within the Netherlands) and view if the escort is available there and if so, what the minimum booking duration will be.

Erotic preferences of the high class escorts

An other change we made is the way we display the erotic preferences of the escorts. We have chosen to be more descriptive for the aspects romance, naughty, kinky and extra. You can however still use our Instant Matchmaking to filter escorts by degree of availability for specific services and view available escorts in the specific service page.

New matchmaking tool

Speaking of matchmaking... we're happy to introduce a new matchmaking tool and an other one will follow soon. The new matchmaking tool is called "Special Talent Match" and as this suggests allows you to filter the escorts by a series of special talents that we've pre-selected for you. 

In addition to these larger and more visible changes we've made countless smaller changes which we hope you enjoy, such as;

  • The age of the escort is now automatically updated once a year, so for that reason you may see some of our escorts are suddenly a year older/younger. 
  • You can filter our escorts in the escort overview by payment method.
  • Escorts with longer term (2 months+) unavailability are listed as such.
  • Our booking form has been improved.
  • At home you can select more locations to view which escorts are based nearby.

If you have any suggestions for future changes, you are most welcome to send us your feedback. 


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