Visit an erotic party

Attending an exclusive erotic party with your high class escort

For those people who really like to party at the highest level, there is a number of exciting and erotically charged parties. Only couples are allowed at these Eyes Wide Shut-like evenings. Can you imagine better company for such an exciting night than one of our stunning high class escorts? These exclusive parties often take place on dream locations like beautiful country estates, castles and super yachts. These are the parties where the happy few amuses themselves, just like you - otherwise you wouldn’t visit our website.

Fantasy to visit an erotic party or couples club

It is a common fantasy to visit an exclusive erotic party or couples club with an high class escort. This fantasy is not only shared by our clients, but also our escorts. We dedicated a special page for our clients, but make sure to read what high class escort Faye shares about her fantasy:

"Let me give you an insight in my no. 1 fantasy. My no. 1 fantasy is going to an exclusive erotic party. On a perfect night I like to experience romance, intimacy and wild and naughty sex. For you I will describe how such a date might look like. First, we meet at the bar of a luxurious hotel. We are dressed flawlessly; you in a smart suit and I am wearing a beautiful dress, classy but revealing my curves and slim body. We are relaxed but also excited, thinking about what the night holds for us. During a drink in the bar we get to know each other a little better and exchange promising smiles to each other. A little later our taxi arrives and you take us to a fancy restaurant. Already in the taxi you hold my hand and look into my eyes. At the dinner our flirting continuous, building up the tension, I hold your hand and during conversations, we make secret plans for the night. I learn about your (sexual) interests and explore by talking if we can go further and try new things. I must admit that I get truly aroused and can’t wait for what is about to come.

After dinner, we go to an exclusive erotic masked party. It was held in an ancient castle, lit by candles. We were dazzled by the beautiful and magical atmosphere and felt so connected and privileged that we experience this together. A hostess explained that we need to change clothes, or actually take off clothes. You look like a true gentleman in your black trousers, white shirt and shiny black shoes, and I wear luxurious lingerie and high heels. You give me your arm and first we walk around to explore the rooms. We saw beautiful super sexy people and could feel that they looked shamelessly at us when we walked by. I felt strange eyes going over all parts of my body. On the one hand I was a bit insecure but I felt also incredibly sensual with you at my side. One look at you learned that you felt the same.

We discovered various rooms and dark places in the castle. People were dancing on sensual beats produced by famous dj’s. We walked back to the bar, ordered champagne, and observed the other guests. We dance a little and secretly picked out our favourite couple who we want to encounter with later that night. We have a simple taste, only the best is good enough for us. The couple we noticed was absolutely stunning and dressed with class and style; the woman had very long hair, the face of an angel and her eyes and figure left me breathless. But most exciting was the way they both looked at us when we passed by. How true is the saying that looks can tell more than words.

It became the most exciting night of my life. We danced and flirted and explored every part of the castle and of each other. It was already past midnight when we went up the stairs and discovered this huge ballroom. We were shocked but not for long. Our eyes found each other and we knew what we wanted, we wanted to participate! The room was decorated in Roman style and fully occupied with the most gorgeous mostly naked people fully entangled in various sexual positions. The room was filled with ecstatic moaning, sighs and cries, contributing to the most incredibly, passionate and exciting experience of my life.

Before we knew it we were part of the crowd and making passionate love to each other. We forgot everything around us until I felt a strange hand between my leg and a tongue over my nipple that was not yours. I wanted to say no but noticed it was the stunning girl from the bar and I saw the excitement and approval in your eyes. I will not tell what happened more that night and in the hotel afterwards. But I tell you that I think daily back at that night with a smile and much more."

Dresscode at an erotic swingers party

Of course there are dresscodes for these parties, ranging from black tie to, in some cases, fashionable swimwear. As you can understand: the latter only in case of a sultry pool party. The ladies are always expected to wear sexy lingerie and high heels. All our high class escorts do have an impressive collection of the most beautiful lingerie sets. Don’t worry about that! But, if you would like to shop for special exclusive lingerie with the escort lady of your choice, we offer the possibility to go to one of the most high end lingerie shops in Amsterdam, without any other customers being present. The most exciting way of personal shopping we can think of. Did you ever had the chance to watch a lady in the fitting room when she is fitting sexy lingerie? Please ask for this special service at Society Service!

Beautiful people at a couples club

Your eyes will go hungry at these exclusive parties. Your dazzling high class escort is not the ónly beautiful lady… Everybody is doing their best to look amazing en is looking forward to an evening where the boundaries are only set by your own civilization. But of course it will be titillating, erotically charged and sometimes outright wet, wet wet… The sultry and mysterious character of some of these evenings is underlined by bold outfits like Venetian masks and velvet capes – with nothing but the most beautiful lingerie underneath. We can assure you: erotic tension really builds up during these events. But then, in the middle of the night, when the evening comes to an end, you will have your High Class Escort all for yourself. In other words: the party hasn’t come to an end at all... She has still countless surprises in stock for you.

Various possibilities for swingers

There are several options available if you are interested in visiting an erotic party for couples. The best options can be found here. You can take a look on the mentioned websites. To get the look and feel of the evenings, in most cases filmed impressions of previous parties are included in the websites. For the record we would like to mention that Society Service has no cooperation of any kind with the suggested events. We can provide you with the most exciting female company, but you have to look for yourself which kind of event suits you best. Our high class escorts are looking forward to it!