Virgin clients who are new with escorts

Virgin clients who are new with escorts

Your first experience with a High Class Escort?

The large majority of our clientele are regular clients. But there was a first high class escort booking for everybody. When you look on our website you could have got a good impression of our beautiful high class escorts. We really can’t imagine that you even consider to look elsewhere. If we may say so: we are the top of the line in our business. The majority of our clients think so too en have become regulars. Sometimes with the same lady they booked earlier, and sometimes with another high class escort from our portfolio. That’s of course the beauty of it: there are no strings attached whatsoever.


Try that when you had a ‘regular’ date with a lady. If you don’t call her some time in ‘the week after’ you’re the bad guy. You don’t need that, of course. By the way, a high class escort of course loves it when a client books her more than once, that is considered a great compliment after all. An additional benefit: the better you know eachother, the more ‘familiar’ the dates are and the better she can meet your desires an preferences. She can anticipate on the date: she will wear the lingerie you like, she sets the pace you like (to all intents), in fact she doesn’t have to ask you anymore what you like. But if you like a change every now and then, and never wants the same lady twice in your hotel room: no problem. Dear gentlemen, is this an ideal proposition or what…?

It is exciting for her tóó…

But maybe you never used the services of an exclusive escort agency before. Maybe you are even a little bit nervous, because you don’t know exactly what awaits you. The high end callgirls of Society Service really know how to make you feel comfortable. If you call us, we guide you through the possibilities in a professional and relaxed way. We can and will answer all the questions you might have. And finally, when the high class escort of your choice knocks on your door, well, of course that is an exciting moment but remember: the same applies to her. After all, she completely doesn’t know who she will meet. If you realize that, you can even start to make hér feel a little more comfortable, thus showing what a gentleman you are.

Girlfriend experience

Tell her how pleasantly surprised you are by her looks, perhaps give her a small welcome gift… In no time the tension will disappear and you will have a real girlfriend at your tabel. At your table? Yes, we strongly advise you to have dinner first with your high class escort, especially if it is the first time you will have this wonderful experience. During dinner you get to know eachother already a bit and you will feel the tension disappear. The next time, when you know how it works, you are not nervous anymore. The only thing remaining will be that exciting feeling you probably always have when going on a date…

Preparing for your first booking with an escort

Preparing for a booking with an escort, high class, high end, or just regular escort, is like preparing for a special date. It requires some special attention to you personal hygiene and just like when meeting your special date, you might want to do some small things to make her feel welcome. Tips and trics for getting the best first time with an escort can be found at our Escort Etiquette, which we highly recommend reading. Even for regular clients, this information might come in handy. Your efforts will pay dividends later!