Tourist for a day in Rotterdam or Amsterdam

Tourist for a day in Rotterdam or Amsterdam

An unforgettable city trip with a High Class Escort

Are you staying in Amsterdam or Rotterdam for a day, but are both cities almost unknown territory to you? Why don’t you book a high class escort from Society Service? Our escorts will gladly show you all the beautiful places in these beautiful cities. It’s the ultimate Girlfriend (GFE) or Boyfriend (BFE) experience!

The unforgettable tour starts with a walk through the old town, followed by a delicious lunch and a visit to a famous museum. When you both have seen enough, it’s time to enjoy a good glass of wine on the terrace in the afternoon sun, followed by a dinner for two in a great restaurant. By the time the sun has made way for romantic moonlight, the time has come to return to your final destination and enjoy the rest of your time together.

A day in Amsterdam with a high class escort

What a day in Amsterdam with a high class escort from Society Service looks like? First, the escort takes you for a walk along the famous canals. From the Waterlooplein, you walk via the Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht towards the Vondelpark where you will enjoy a tasty lunch at for example restaurant De Vondeltuin. As soon as you have regained strength and you both are ready for the next destination, the escort will ask you to visit one of the world's most famous museums, the Van Gogh Museum. Here you can marvel at masterpieces, such as 'The Potato Eaters', the well-known 'Sunflowers' and, not to forget, the 'Almond blossom'. When it’s time to go outside and see the sun, the escort will invite you to come to Café De Jaren, where you will have a good glass of wine on the beautiful terrace at De Amstel. The next-to last stop will be one of the many wonderful restaurants Amsterdam has to offer. When dining in Amsterdam, you can choose from many different cuisines and styles, from hip and casual to luxurious and exclusive restaurants. When the waiter or the waitress clears the table and asks if you like to have a dessert, you indicate you choose to do it elsewhere. Where? In your hotel room or suite! No better place to end this unforgettable beautiful day.

A day in Rotterdam with a high class escort

Is the port city of Rotterdam your temporary destination? Book a high class escort from Society Service and the escort will show you around and take you to the City Triangle, the actual center of Rotterdam. Via the Coolvest and the Schiedamsevest in the west, the Goudsevest in the northeast and the Nieuwe Maas in the south, you walk towards Coolsingel where you will enjoy a tasty lunch. It’s the perfect location to get some energy for your next destination, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. There are few museums in the world with such a rich collection of artistic treasures. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has many of the greatest artists in the rich history of art on display. What about Piet Mondriaan, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Salvador Dalí, and not to forget Rembrandt van Rijn! Became a bit thirsty from all this admiration? No problem! The high class escort will invite you to come to Het Park, near the Euromast. In this cozy garden you can enjoy a drink on the terrace of Parqiet. Once the sun has set and your stomach rattles, it's time for of of the many excellent restaurants that Rotterdam has to offer. We do advice you to book a room or suite at one of the higher floors of the hotel, so you can enjoy unparalleled views over the beautiful center of Rotterdam, together with your high class escort.