Third party bookings at our escortservice

Third party bookings at our escortservice

Book a high class escort for someone else

Are you considering booking a high class escort from Society Service for someone other than yourself? Then we are talking about a third party booking. Because the comfort and safety of our high class escorts is our priority, bookings for third parties are only possible to a limited extent. We will tell you more about that in this blog.

By the way, assisting someone in making a booking is not making a booking for third parties. We regularly experience people with disabilities, such as a speech impairment or visual impairment, seeking assistance. Another person then places the booking on their behalf because this is not or virtually impossible for the ultimate client due to the disability.

There must be informed consent

There is just as much of a stigma attached to booking a high class escort as working as a high class escort and not everyone feels comfortable with this. We think it is important that both the client(s) and escort(s) are fully informed of the situation so that we can be sure that nothing happens against their will. In other words; there must be informed consent. It is therefore not possible to book a high class escort as a surprise for a friend, your partner, son, etc.

Provided with the correct information

At our high class escort service we offer a very specific experience. Our escorts offer a Girlfriend Experience where intimacy on a social, emotional and intellectual level is at least as important as intimacy on an erotic level. This does not match the image that many have of an escort service, they think that it is only about sex. There are also certain conditions that the booking and client must meet, as set out in our Terms and Conditions. Finally, there are important standards of interaction, which can be found in our Escort Etiquette and Consent Policy. If these are not met during the booking, the booking will be terminated prematurely and there is no right to any refund. Such a situation is not fun for anyone and we want to prevent this.

How can you place a booking for a third party?

To ensure that there is informed consent and that our conditions and standards of conduct are met, it is required that the person for whom the booking is made is involved in the booking process. You therefore cannot place a booking for someone else, but you can make a booking with someone else. You can also make the payment for this booking, if you want to give the booking as a gift. By making booking a high class escort a topic of discussion with others, you help to break the taboo surrounding this. Although booking a high class escort is not for everyone, for some it can be an enrichment that brings a lot of pleasure and happiness. Although taking care of the financial side of a booking is undoubtedly a very nice gesture, making this a topic of discussion for someone else without judgment and in complete openness will be the nicest gesture.

Exception to the rule

Yes, there is an exception to the above. If the person you want to make the booking for has already had a successful booking with our escort service, it is possible to place a booking for him or her. This is, for example, the case with couples who previously booked a high class escort with us. Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions regarding the identity of our clients and escorts, due to privacy reasons. If you therefore want to make a booking for an existing client who is not your partner, it is unfortunately necessary that this client gives us permission in advance to discuss this with you. The fact that a booking is coming may no longer be a surprise, but the other elements of the booking may remain a surprise. We would like to see together how we can best implement this for an unforgettable experience.


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