The Escort Bag

The Escort Bag

Female secrets... what does she carry in her bag?

The contents of her bag are among the biggest female secrets. Where she goes, her bag goes. Nobody is allowed a peek inside, and nobody is allowed to touch it. An high class escort takes this to a whole other level, since what she carries in her bag is far more extensive than the contents of the average purse. In our book Escort Bijbel we already shared with you how you can recognize an high class escort not by her clothing but by her purse. The things she needs during a booking require a rather large bag, that's why. This bag is called the Escort Bag. Elegant from the outside, functional on the inside. Filled with everything she needs to turn the evening with her client into a success. What does it contain?

  • Phone: A charged phone is required to contact the escort.

  • Identification: It is obligated to carry your identification in the Netherlands. Aside from that, the escort will need it for spontaneous plans of her client to visit a casino. She will also need it when visiting a hotel as the front desk might request it from her. They will not allow her to enter the hotel if she can not provide her identification.

  • Extra stockings: In case one breaks. A runner in your stockings is not high class.

  • Makeup: Some basic make-up is required to make sure the escort will exit the hotel the same way she entered. She will also carry a miniature perfume, deodorant and nail file. Just in case.

  • Hair clip and brush: So she can put up her hair during a massage and bath and does not have to blow dry her hair for half an hour during her booking.

  • Toothbrush with toothpaste: One for her and one for her client. If necessary she will tell the client she is going to brush her teeth and asks him to join her. No client will refuse this, the hint is obvious.

  • Bath oil: For taking a bath with her client. To make sure she doesn't have to carry around too big of a bag, she'll most likely bring a miniature and not the entire bottle.

  • Candles: Hotel rooms almost never have romantic lightning so the escort will take care of this. Candles provide for a romantic setting and feeling, placed around the bath and bed. Don't forget a lighter!

  • Music: The escort will have a few playlists on her smartphone with music suitable for a sensual setting. Usually this is some type of lounge music. Some escorts carry small speakers to provide better sound than her smartphone does.

  • Massage oil: For a spectacular erotic massage the escort will bring a massage oil she likes. A scented massage oil helps cover up any unpleasant body odors of the client. The downside for clients in a relationship however is that these oils require a thorough washup to nog bring any unfamiliar scents back home.

  • Condoms: A penis can come in different sizes, small to big. The majority, around 90 percent of all clients will wear a standard condom. Clients who wear an extraordinary size or type, such as latex free, should provide their own condoms during the booking.

  • Lubricant: An escort will always use lubricant during a lingam massage and (anal) penetration.

  • Action tampon: It's inevitable a woman can spontaneously bleed a little bit during sex, for example because her client has a large penis or is a big more rough. Most clients do not like this. This is where action tampons come in. An action tampon, also called 'sponge', is a sterilized round sponge of approximately five centimeters in diameter. It is inserted into the vagina, after which you can have sex without bleeding. The sponge will hold the blood.

  • Vibrator: A small discreet vibrator should not miss from her bag. Most clients like playing with sextoys or like to watch her play with one. Some clients also enjoy the toy being used on him.

Read more about the contents of the Escort Bag in our book Escort Bijbel. The elements above are the standard items an high class escort will carry in her Escort Bag. It's of course possible the client has some special requests that require the escort to also carry some extra items or outfits to her booking, some flats because he prefers walking to the restaurant, an extra piece of lingerie to surprise him, a book in case he needs to take care of many business calls etc. etc. A booking is always exiting for both client and high class escort. You never know what will happen!