Skiing holiday

Skiing holiday with high class escort Valerie

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer some personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our athletic high class escort Valerie, who would love to join you on a fun skiing holiday.

"Sun or snow holidays, a difficult choice. Lucky the season makes the choice for us. Although you can easily travel the world to find snow or the sun. Fresh snow, clear air and the cold wind on my cheeks. Freedom to move around the mountains, wherever you want to go. Once you’re at the top of the mountain, the beautiful view. You will find peace, space and nature. I love nature. The atmosphere on the terraces and delicious lunches makes it complete. I love to ski very much and I’m pretty good at it. Off-piste is the ultimate. Like you're dancing on clouds. That also gives hilarious moments. Or just make speed on a good prepared slope and make a first track. I would like to explore many ski resorts. Will you take me? Together in the snow! In the evening, by the fireplace, a glass of wine. Just relax and pamper each other.

If you ask me where I like to go for the sun, then that will be the Riviera. Monaco, Menton / France and just over the border, Ventimiglia and San Remo / Italy. Liguria has a wonderful kitchen. The real Italy, where the arguments are about whether you should or should not add cream to pasta carbonara. I love that. Every village leaves its own mark on Italian cuisine. If you are tired of the Italians, you are in France in no time, where it is remarkably just a little neater. Hungry for a pizza? The best pizza you eat in the village of Isolabona. I bet you've never had such a good pizza. What I like about the region, there is so much contrast. The luxury in Monaco to the simplest villages in the mountains of Italy. During the day, busy beaches and absolute peace and quiet on the mountain in the evening. At night I like to look at the stars. You know that you can spend time on the beach during the months of February / March and if you want you can ski by a 2 hours drive? Now you understand that this region is ideal for me. There is also a small village high in the mountains where there is still a real witch cult. The greatest chefs come here often to get inspired, I have been told once. Do you dare to take a look together with me?"

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