Restaurants in Utrecht

Restaurants in Utrecht

Where to eat in Utrecht with your high class escort?

Will you stay in Utrecht soon and are you planning to book a high class escort from Society Service? Why don’t you take the escort to one of Utrecht's finest restaurants? The city has an attractive city center full of nice eateries, cozy terraces along the canal and excellent restaurants with inviting kitchens. Aren’t you familiar with the restaurants in Utrecht and can you use some tips? Below we have listed five restaurants that are all worth a visit. 

They are all in a good location, are extremely atmospheric and above all, they all have an excellent kitchen. In short, all these restaurants offer everything that is needed to experience the evening of your life. Or rather: almost everything, because what makes your evening really worthwhile is of course the dazzling high class escort from Society Service on your side.

The best luxury restaurants of Utrecht

In the middle of Utrecht's city center, a few meters from the Domkerk, you will find restaurant Simple in a beautiful 18th-century building. Simple's hotel and gastro bar are also located here. At a gastronomic level you can enjoy the most delicious dishes and wines in a beautiful, modern, not too formal setting. For the full experience, the 8 course menu with accompanying wines is a must.

Restaurant Karel 5 is a gastronomic restaurant in a medieval dining room in the heart of Utrecht where you can dine at a high level. The restaurant has a very elegant, chic and stylish look, where you can enjoy many culinary highlights in a relaxed atmosphere in a very comfortable way.

Strangely enough, the city of Utrecht does not have a single Michelin star restaurant. For this you will have to leave the city. Fortunately, you will find two fantastic restaurants about 20 minutes away that are well worth the drive. Do you want to spoil your high class escort a little bit extra? Then go to Michelin star restaurant De Burgemeester in Linschoten or La Provence in Driebergen-Rijsenburg for an unprecedented culinary experience.

Between formal and informal with excellent food in Utrecht

Fico is located in a building with special architecture. Chef Menno van der Pol of Fico writes on the company website about his new restaurant: "A restaurant that resembles a gastronomic restaurant in terms of quality and service, but certainly does not appear stiff, stately and uncomfortable." To maintain that dynamism, the dishes on the Fico menu change weekly.

In the somewhat classic and modern-looking restaurant Brass, French and Italian classics are served that are slightly different than usual, for example with Oriental influences, without it being a crazy carnaval. Especially start with the oyster tasting beforehand and sit back to enjoy the rest of the evening. Very handy; Brass also offers a number of beautiful hotel rooms.

El Qatarijne is a restaurant where culinary tradition and innovation merge in a Mediterranean way. The inspiration from the East presented in the West. As soon as you enter, you will experience Mediterranean hospitality. Moreover, El Qatarijne has an open kitchen, so that you and your high class escort can enjoy while the Chefs show their skills.

Near the Ledig Erf, located on the Utrecht Oude Gracht, is the great restaurant De Heeren van Leeuw. The Chefs prepare a daily surprise menu made from fresh products, you and your date can fulfill with a suitable wine package. The restaurant has a menu with a choice of fish and meat dishes, and is the ideal place where you and the high class escort of Society Service can be pampered.

Are you looking for a restaurant with an intimate atmosphere, great food and an excellent wine list? In that case, Meneer Buscourr is definitely the place to be. In the restaurant, all dishes are prepared with a lot of love and the host ensures that you won’t miss a thing. In our view, Mr. Buscourr is the ideal restaurant to get to know each other better, and the perfect prelude to a night to remember!

Informal, casual and cozy restaurants in Utrecht

The name says it all: in restaurant Vis & Meer, especially the fish lover will be satisfied. The restaurant has a large and industrial interior, but at the same time the decoration is very atmospheric. We heartily recommend you the fruits de mer. Champagne with oysters we can also suggest. The well-known food with sensory stimulating properties is the ideal sneak peak for what’s about to happen. Although we do not want to suggest that you need another remedy that stimulates the sex drive. Because let’s face it: there’s no better aphrodisiac than the high class escorts from Society Service, right?

The most trendy locations in Utrecht for dinner

As soon as you step into the eclectic interior of The Streetfood Club, you know the restaurant is more than just good food. It is a true experience! At The Streetfood Club, you and the high class escort are entertained throughout the evening with all kinds of colorful and tasty snacks and good music. Are you finished eaten but are you still in the mood for a party? No problem, because even when the kitchen closes, they turn up the music louder and the adventure will be continued.

Let's face it, when you enter restaurant Humphrey's in Utrecht, it looks like you step into an old-fashioned brothel. With its "plush" decoration of various shades of red, gold-colored chandeliers, luxurious use of dust and Art Nouveau chairs and tables, this establishment exudes a special French "Moulin Rouge" atmosphere with a high cuddle factor. An atmosphere that lends itself perfectly for a cozy evening and a menu that offers something for everyone.

Mr. Black and the White Ox... what a special name for a restaurant! And this restaurant is definitely special. The restaurant is divided into two sections. Section Mr. Black offers shared dining in a casual and trendy setting, ideal for a small snack and cocktail. Section The White Ox however offers more high end dining, perfect for a trendy dinnerdate at our high class escortservice.