Restaurants in Eindhoven

Restaurants in Eindhoven

Dinnerdate with your high class escort in Eindhoven

Have you planned a dinner date with a high class escort in Eindhoven, but are you not sure about the restaurant? We understand why, indeed Eindhoven is known for her burgundy character and possess therefore a wide range of restaurants. If you can use some advice, then read on. In this blog we highlight six restaurants who are located in the centre of Eindhoven. These restaurants are very atmospheric and off course not to forget, have an excellent cuisine. All these six restaurants are to all of our escorts liking, and therefore the perfect spot to start a night to remember.

Karpendonkse Hoeve

If there is one restaurant in Eindhoven where you can experience an unforgettable dinner date together with the high class escort from Society Service, it is the Karpendonkse Hoeve. The Karpendonkse Hoeve is a restaurant in Eindhoven with one Michelin star. The kitchen can best be described as modern and international. Food is served with influences from different countries and with their own story. The interior is also modern but luxurious and gives a very romantic atmosphere. As far as we are concerned, this is an excellent choice, with which you definitely score points with the dazzling escort from Society Service.

Skybar Vane

Located on the top two floors of the Groene Toren and with a panoramic view over the city center, restaurant and sky bar Vane is one of the absolute culinary highlights of Eindhoven. Vane's kitchen is worth it: complex, yet pure and elegant. The influences from four corners of the world can clearly be traced back to his surprising dishes. The interior of the restaurant is modern, with classic elements. Everything is aimed at creating a view outside. But we just suspect that your eyes will be mainly focused on your high class escort.


Do you want to invite the high class escort from Society Service for a culinary adventure? In that case restaurant V47 in downtown Eindhoven is absolutely the place to be. This restaurant symbolizes the New French Cuisine, in which Chef de Cuisine classic styles combines with a modern and natural presentation. Once the diner is over, you will move to the cosy decorated living room of hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne. The perfect place to taste the sweet lips of your high class escort.

De Luytervelde

If you really want to impress the high class escort of Society Service, then you should actually go to De Luytervelde in Eindhoven. Everything in this restaurant is just right and enjoyment is at the highest level. From the dish on your plate to the wine in your glass, and from the atmosphere in the restaurant to the company that is in front of you, a beautiful escort with who you will experience the evening of your life.

Bistro Sophie

In the hart of burgundy Eindhoven, you will find Bistro Sophie. In this nice brasserie you and the escort can enjoy the outstanding Mediterranean cuisine and authentic Mediterranean dishes. Besides its fantastic cuisine, Bistro Sophie is known for its amazing wine collection full of beautiful wines, and because of the warm ambiance and cosy atmosphere in the restaurant, the ice between you and your escort will definitely break very soon.


Those who really want to enjoy themselves go to Wiesen in the center of Eindhoven. In this modern and cozy restaurant you and the escort of Society Service will not be short of anything. The restaurant is tastefully decorated and the kitchen is run by a chef who puts your taste buds to work in a festive way. Reserve on time, because restaurant Wiesen has a Michelin star. If you ask us, restaurant Wiesen is a great choice. One that will repay later in the evening, you take that from us.

Other great restaurants in Eindhoven for your Dinner Date

Of course there are many more nice restaurants in Eindhoven. What do you think of the trendy restaurant Doyy, where they serve refined dishes, classically French, with influences from Asia and the Middle East. All your senses will be stimulated by the restaurant and your high class escort. Also restaurant Zarzo should not be missing from our Eindhoven favourites, which has already won various awards, such as wine restaurant of the year 2022. At Zarzo you can enjoy contemporary cuisine, with a nod here and there to the classic Spanish cuisine, where the roots lie of their talented chef. Do you prefer French-international cuisine with a bit of luxury? Then Dijk 9 is the right choice for you. 

The best restaurants just outside of Eindhoven

Do not you mind traveling for fifteen minutes to an exquisite restaurant, located just outside of Eindhoven? Take your high class escort to a luxury restaurant with Michelin star(s). The best choices in the vicinity of Eindhoven are De Lindenhof in Nuenen, Tribeca in Heeze, Vandeijck in Riethoven and De Treeswijkhoeve in Waalre. Here you and your high class escort can enjoy wines and food of the highest quality in a dazzling setting.