Payments by card at our escortservice

Payments by card at our escortservice

Pay with your debit or credit card with our high-end escort service

We currently use two methods to accept card payments; via a mobile ATM and via an application on the escort's smartphone. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cards remotely, but only during your booking. In this blog we explain to you what the possibilities are.

In the escort's profile you can see in the rates section which payment methods the high-end escort accepts. Card payments are subject to a 5% surcharge. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this payment method. Outside of our control, some card issuers decline our transactions and we are unable to process your card. That is why you must always be able to provide an alternative payment method. For the sake of transparency, we share our previous experiences with specific cards.

Your high-end escort accepts Dutch debit cards with an application on the phone

If the escort's profile states that she accepts Dutch debit cards, you can make your payment with any Dutch debit card, provided the card is suitable for contactless payment. Some other cards with the Mastercard or Visa logo (debit or credit) are also accepted, provided they are also suitable for contactless payments. The following cards have already been successfully processed: Dutch personal Visa from ING, Dutch personal Mastercard student from ING, Dutch personal Mastercard from Rabobank and ABN Amro, Personal Visa from Revolut, SAS Eurocard Mastercard creditcard personal, USA Capital One Mastercard personal, USA Fifth Third Mastercard Debit.

Unfortunately, we were previously unable to process these cards: American Express, Diners, NL ING Mastercard business and personal, USA Bank of America Mastercard, USA Chase Visa Debit, USA Fidelity Visa, USA Navy Federal Credit Union Go Rewards Visa, Argentina and Mexico BBVA Visa, Mexico NU Mastercard. In general, it is more difficult to accept business credit cards or those without raised embossed text.

Your high end escort accepts Mastercard and Visa with a mobile ATM

If the escort's profile states that she accepts Mastercard and Visa, cards with these logos almost always work. You can use both your debit card and your credit card.

Standard requirements for card acceptance

In addition to the above, there are a number of standard requirements for card acceptance. Every company that accepts cards must adhere to this, but because of the industry in which we operate, we have to be a little stricter about this to be able to adequately protect ourselves against false disputes. The card you use must be yours and you must be able to identify yourself. The card can not be expired or damaged and must be signed. You must also not be under the influence of drugs or large amounts of alcohol. Most cards are protected with a PIN code. If your card does not have such protection, but a signature is required, you will be asked to sign an additional authorization form.

To speed up smooth processing, we recommend that you notify your card provider in advance of the upcoming transaction and check whether your transaction limit and daily limit are sufficient.


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