New payment method

New portable ATMs for our high class escorts

For your convenience we have invested some money in portable ATMs for our high class escorts. Ten of our escorts now carry them to bookings, making them more flexible in accepting your Visa or MasterCard at a 10% surcharge but without the travel expenses of using our regular portable ATMs which are at our office in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In addition to being able to accept your Visa or MasterCard, the high class escorts can accept any debit card with the Maestro logo without any surcharge. It is listed above the rates of the high class escort when she carries such a portable ATM.

The new portable ATM is a very small machine, that almost fits into the palm of your hand. It is connected to her smartphone through bluetooth and uses the mobile network of her smartphone to process the transfer. On her phone, the escort will enter the transaction details and you can place your card into the card reader of the ATM. Some creditcards can be swiped but most creditcards these days are read through a chip and require a pincode. Unlike a traditional ATM, the new machine does not include a receipt printer.

Keep in mind we can only accept your card within The Netherlands. Both our traditional portable ATMs and the new machines do not work abroad.