National Secretary Day

Naughty Secretary fantasy with high class escort Tess

April 21st 2016 was national Secretary Day in The Netherlands. Secretaryday is originally American. It was introduced on April 20th, 1989 in The Netherlands by Secretary magazine (nowadays called Management Support Magazine), StarJob, Secretary Employment Agency (currently StarJob secretary network), Schoevers, Floerop and Bloemenbureau Holland. It was then called 'Secretary's Day'. The intention of this annual event was to celebrate the secretary, and to think about her added value to the organization and to improve the image of the secretary business. With this organization focused on secretaries as well as managers. Other countries also hold an annual secretary day (such as Belgium and Scandinavian countries). In the United Staes, the 'Secretar's Day' is now called "Administrative Professionals' Day'. It's held the first Wednesday of the last full week in April.

High class escort Tess had a very special Secretaryday and gladly shares her experiences:

"My heels are clicking on the street as I find my way between the big buildings. It's dry and sunny, and the little breeze of wind is just enough to make the outdoor temperature not feel like too hot. My eyes catch the company I am looking for and I walk towards it. The glass entrance is reflecting and I take some time to look at myself. Blonde curly hair, a tight feminine business suit, black with a pinstripe. And of course the 'finishing touch', beautiful lace lingerie with garage belts, stockings and high heels. That's all a secretary needs. 

A book is always exciting and feels like healthy tension, it always makes me want to make the most amazing time of it. The first few minutes are the best, it feels like getting on a rollercoaster. Once I pass the doorstep, it's like a free fall. Such a boost. 

It's time to make an entrance and someway I find my way to the elevator with an attitude like this is where I belong. I meet minimal other staff, so I get to reach the top floor without too many nosy looks. Very cliche but the top floors are always the most luxurious, with richer colors and lush carpets. I need to report myself at the frontdesk as a project secretary but the secretary is busy. I wait patiently while my mind is playing a completely different picture, and then introduce myself. 

The secretary reports that I am present. Semi interested, I browse through a magazine laying around, until the receptionist shows me in. I close the door and lock it behind me after I walk in. At first I am overwhelmed by the size of the room. I see a sitting area with a beautiful leather couch, plants in large vases, pillars from floor to ceiling and a huge desk with leather chair. On the right side there's a closet with ceramics and bottels of liquor. All convenience taken care of, so I see, which pleases me. 

My eyes are drawn to the man behind the desk and I feel a little bit of excitement inside. Start dark hair, light blue eyes that are looking at me with curiosity. He is dressed in a nice costime, which fits him like a glove. At least, that's what I can tell when he's walking towards me. He stands right in front of me and I shake his hand and give him a kiss on his cheek. Slowly, so he can feel the side of my face close to his for a little wile. I hear him sight and hold on to this moment. I love it when passion is rushing through me. The games have begon.

He tells me he is pleased to meet me and then walks towards a slightly smaller desk that I didn't even notice at first. "I understand you can help me with some secretary work. My regular ladies are so busy they can not handle any other work and I really have some deadlines". I listen to him, while looking at his hands. Beautiful, tanned, not too rude, but powerful. A shiver of pleasure runs through me what else he could do with them. I try to concentrate but can not avoid my physical desires to make overtime. 

I take of my jacket and his eyes rest at my curves. A short twinkle in his eyes is visible, before he walks back to his own desk. I get to work and in about an hour I am as good as finished. I look up, a signal for him to get to me. He stands on my right and leans over his desk, while gazing at his screen. His niks approvingly and looks at me. I only need a print and a pdf to my email.

I roll my chair forward, making my skirt move up a bit. My garter belt becomes visible, which he notices. He looks at me and I see his look getting more intense. I am drawn to it an feel the warmth of my body spreading through it. His face is getting closer to me and his fingers are turning circles on my upper leg. Slowly more up and up. As soon as he is about to reach my garter belt, my breath stops and it seems like time is standing still. But he makes the tention unbearable by first moving his finger upwards, over my skirt and towards my blouse. Slowly, upwards until he reaches the first button. His breath is speeding up and the passion in my head wants him to pull my blouse open and pin me against the wall. But he takes his time to increase the excitement, button by button, his breath moving over my breasts. It feels like a soft brush but with so much effect. Every now and them he looks at me without communicating words, his words touching mine and sparks all around the place. Soft, searching but without hesitation. He knows exactly what he wants. In the meanwhile, we take of my blouse and his hands glide over my naked skin. It tingles in a way shivers are running down my back. He takes of his shirt, showing the curves of his muscles. He gently pulls me upwards out of my chair and puts me against the desk. He then pushes his divine body into mine and I caress his back, while his mouth moves stronger over mine. He makes a trace downwards and places me on his desk. His approach becomes more and more risky and my skirt is pulled up. In between I realize the lady at the reception can walk in at any time, which makes it all the more exciting. His powerful hands are rolling my lace g-string down and he makes sure my legs remain spread. With his mouth he goes straight for his goal and I scream in pleasure. That's the approach that my passion desires. His wonderful hands join in and the the rest of the rollercoaster is even more intense than I imagined.

Interested in knowing how this continues? Let's live and complete it together. See you soon. Love, Tess xxx"