High class escort Joelle

A little more about high class escort Joelle

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions. Read a little bit more about our curvy high class escort Joelle!

What do you like most about being an high class escort?

"I like being an high class escort because of the excitement. The unknowing combined with luxury and gorgeous places where you go and can go... It's so exciting! So when a client invites me for an international booking or dinner date, it will not only allow me to connect on a deeper level, it makes me feel special to be introduced into a little part of his world and see and do new things together, enjoy the finer things in life. The bookings I do enrich my life as it allows me to meet lovely and interesting new people, new experiences and tickles my curiosity. And of course... passionate sex is one of the things I enjoy a lot as well... I love being an high class escort and it literally is my pleasure!"

What type of lingerie do you like most and makes you feel sexy?

"I love black with lace, gorgeous suspenders with beautiful stockings and high heels. Lingerie has something mysterious and the lace makes it naughty yet exciting. When I am wearing sexy lingerie it always gets me in the mood for more..."

Really? How about just a pear of jeans?

"Being curvy I have the perfect body (and ass) to wear tight skinny jeans, as you can imagine. So it will not only be me who gets in the mood but also others who are admiring my curves."

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