blog item - 19 Nov 2015

Love is in the air

When an escort and client fall in love

Once a month we empty our PO box and it’s always fun to go through our mail. You might be surprised what we find in our mail, there’s much more than bills and taxes. Like any other company, we receive some promotional material, from others trying to sell us something. Like condoms, luxurious lingerie, payroll systems and a religion. At least one bible is send to our PO box each month with a motivational letter asking us to leave our sinful existence and join the church.

Most packages we receive come from clients. Either the escort left something during the booking which he is kindly returning, or he wants us to forward a present to her. Some presents are more stringing than others. Like the gentleman who send us tend cases of champagne two years ago, to wish our escorts a happy new year. And the gentleman who send us a cake, which was confiscated by customs due to the “moldy condition” of the contents of the package.

And then there are the cards, my favorite part. Clients sending us cards, thanking us for their great experience, are always a way to put a smile on our face. But the best cards we receive are wedding and birth announcements from escorts and clients who met through our high class escortservice. Speaking of a match made in heaven! It’s not uncommon to meet your partner through work, so why not at Society Service? When a client and escort fall in love, this is what happens… After their first booking, both escort and client are lyrical about the booking. A second booking is usually quickly made, after which many more follow. At a certain point the client will book a longer booking with the escort and expresses his desire to meet us for a cup of coffee. Then the escort and client tell us they have feelings for each other and want to make an exclusive arrangement. During an exclusive arrangement, the escort is no longer available to other clients, but is still receiving financial compensation for her availability. This way, the client can court her without her worrying of him just wanting a freebie and he does not have to worry about sharing her. To this day, almost all such exclusive arrangements have lead to a marriage.

We where delighted to find the tenth marriage announcement in our PO box last week!

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