More about the age minimum at our escortservice

More about the age minimum at our escortservice

Why the minimum age is 21 with our high class escortservice

A question that regularly arises is why we apply a minimum age of 21 for clients, while the legal minimum is 18 years to use the services of a sex worker. In this blog we explain this choice in more detail.

To start with, it may be good to know that the minimum age to work as an escort is also 21 years old. This does not apply to all forms of sex work, but it does apply to an escortservice with a license in major cities such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam. These municipalities make this a requirement. For that reason alone, it is logical that we also apply the same minimum age to clients.

Because our high class escorts do not want to see younger clients

Perhaps the most important reason; At least half of our high class escorts do not want to see clients under the age of 21, for various reasons. For this blog we have verified this again with our high class escorts and the opinions have not changed. The first reactions are often along the lines of 'because I'm not attracted to someone so young', 'because I can't level with someone this age' and 'because it makes me feel like a babysitter'. But when we spar with our escorts, a number of other important reasons emerge.

Immature and inexperienced are two different things

The Virgin Experience is a frequently booked service with our high class escortservice. This concerns people with little experience. But a lack of experience does not mean that someone is immature, and that chance is substantially higher for someone between 18 and 21 than someone older than 21. In these three years, which may fly by, one learns a lot and someone moves from 'just finished high school' to 'I live on my own and have some life experience'. So development is still in full swing and someone is moving towards adulthood. As long as this maturity has not yet been reached, the chance of an immature attitude towards gallantry, consent and emotional intelligence is also much greater. We do not want to expose our high class escorts to that.

Booking a high class escort is a serious matter

The purpose of booking with a high class escort is to establish a special and authentic connection, which results in a mutually enjoyable experience. Despite the personal nature of this experience, it is subject to certain rules and conditions. The chance that someone under the age of 21 will carefully read these rules and conditions, take them seriously and properly understand and oversee their implications is smaller. We don't find that a pleasant thought.

People deal with money differently

The rates for our high class escort service start at 500 euros for a male escort and 700 euros for a female escort. At a very young age, it is more unlikely that someone can easily afford that amount. This can result in someone feeling time pressure during a booking to 'get as much out of it as possible' in the shortest possible time. Such pressure is at the expense of authenticity and, in the worst cases, also of pleasure and mutual consent. In addition, at this young age one also learns to use money wisely and not to make impulsive and irresponsible choices. We don't want to take advantage of this impulsiveness and inexperience.


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