Interview with high class escort Vanessa

Interview with high class escort Vanessa

A little more about high class escort Vanessa from Rotterdam

Last summer we met high class Vanessa from Rotterdam for the first time. In the following months we introduced her to our regular clients who are eligible for bookings with new high class escorts.

Now that escort Vanessa has gained some experience and is available to all our clients, we thought this was a good time to ask her some questions to get to know her better.

What is your reason for wanting to work as a high class escort?

The reason why I would like to work as a high class escort is because I am very adventurous and open and I do not like a boring standard life. I am currently a student. I certainly get satisfaction from this, but I still missed some spice. First of all, I am someone who really enjoys sex and would like to experiment more sexually, including with other women. In addition, I find dating older men a lot more interesting because they have more life experience and can tell me more stories of their own lives. With this they may be able to inspire me in the field of work to take certain actions and give me advice. I also find it exciting and thrilling to think that few people around me know about this work and that I really have a kind of second identity. People think I'm a good girl and innocent student, but they don't know that I have a very naughty side.

What little things in life really make you happy?

The little things that make me happy in life are mainly spending time with friends and family, eating and drinking, but also a nice evening on the couch or a combination of these. I think laughter is very important. I also really enjoy great food and a good glass of wine. And to top it all off; deep conversations about life. My studies fit in well with this, but can sometimes be a bit stressful. Because of my introverted personality, I don't like small talk. To reduce stress, I attach great importance to moments of relaxation during the day. I discharge best during exercise, but I also like to relax with a good book or some nice music. When I am completely relaxed, I sleep like a baby. Perhaps also in your arms? Then I can start the next day full of energy.

Which colleagues do you hope to one day do a bisexual duo booking with?

To start with, I think all my colleagues have a beautiful appearance and they all have something beautiful in their own way. I personally enjoy women immensely, sometimes more than men. I am a woman with curves and find it very attractive when another woman has them too. My eye immediately fell on Isabella because of her round big breasts! She also has a very seductive look that really attracts me. So I love a duo booking with her! Plus I think we would complement each other well with our curves. Furthermore, I think Luna is a super nice and spontaneous girl and she is anything but prudish, so she would not cause an uncomfortable situation. I love her positive and crazy energy and would therefore like to let loose in our sexuality with her! Nothing is too crazy. But what really seems amazing to me is an orgy with several female colleagues at the same time!

What is a common compliment you receive from men?

Fortunately, I receive compliments about my personality as well as my appearance. When it comes to personality, I often hear that men fall for my sweetness and warmth, humor and genuine interest. What stands out about me is that I am a calm and caring woman. I don't like to be in the spotlight, which makes me come across as mysterious. In terms of a frequently heard compliment based on appearance, it is mainly my buttocks that catch the eye. I must admit that I am happy to have been blessed with a round derriere, which I undoubtedly owe to my Latina genes. I also often receive compliments about my green eyes, my lips and full head of hair.

What really turns you on?

I get very excited from a person who has ambitions, a confident appearance, is intelligent and has a great sense of humor. Actually, I think intelligence and humor are the most important in others. If you have these qualities, then I'm sold. When it comes to men, I secretly have a soft spot for big hands because they can grip my firm body nicely. In bed I like to feel like I am with a real man... and not a boy. I also get very excited when I see the other person enjoying themselves and therefore I don't mind being a giver. That said, I also like it when the other person pleasures me, especially oral pleasure. What I would also find very exciting is to have a booking with a female colleague and drive a man crazy and we are in control. What also excites me is a role play where I have the submissive role, for example the teacher and the student or the electrician and the housewife. You already heard it, there is still plenty to experience and experiment!


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