International high end escorts - part 2

International high end escorts - part 2

An international booking with a high end escort

In our previous blog we already introduced you to the first escorts of our high end escortservice who can barely wait to escape the Netherlands. In this blog some more escorts share their experiences. Perhaps the travel experiences and dream destinations of our high end escorts inspire you. Therefore make sure to read part 2 here.

High end escort Lauren from Utrecht enjoys good company

"Every new place and every new experience leaves a small trace in me. Traveling makes me happy in many ways, that’s why I like doing it a lot. Wherever I would go, who I will be with and how I get there; the options are endless. It makes me feel free and I can escape my daily life as a university student for a while. As you may have already noticed: I am allergic to rut and love to gain new experiences! The most beautiful destinations I have been to are French Polynesia, New Zealand and the Maldives: all fantastic places with a pleasant temperature. When it is possible to travel again I would like to go to Asia; a continent I have never been to and which has a lot to offer. I want to know more about the culture and I would like to dive, in Indonesia for example! During an international booking, I think it would be great fun to do things together, although that also includes relaxation. Diving or hiking together, taking a city or nature walk or going sailing: that sounds amazing! On the other hand, I would also enjoy myself a lot if we spend a day lounging together at a nice swimming pool or at the beach. For me, traveling is an adventure and experience in itself, regardless of the destination or activities. However, I do value good company. A travel experience is more fun if you can share it with someone: after all, enjoying together is more pleasant than alone! Maybe we’ll do that together soon?"

Exotische escort Lilly from The Hague prefers tropical destinations

"Traveling is my number 1 hobby. I have seen many places in the world and prefer to go outside of Europe to discover the most amazing locations. For example, I have travelled across most of North and South America to visit the most beautiful and diverse destinations: stretching from sun, sea and beaches to being high up in the mountains with only a campfire to keep myself warm. Traveling has become quite difficult due to the current situation, but after COVID-19 I would love to leave again straight away to a tropical destination: the Caribbean, Colombia, Zanzibar, everything is possible. White sand and a bright, blue sea… can you imagine? During the day, we relax at the beach while enjoying an ice cold drink under the palm trees or we go and explore the city centre with incredible architecture and culture. This is followed by a romantic candle lit dinner, enjoying the local cuisine. To end this amazing day, we indulge ourselves into a sultry summer night, enjoying each other with the only light coming from the bright starry sky outside. I can’t wait to experience this, will you join me?"

Sexy escort Ariana likes new experiences

"I love to travel! I would prefer to always travel. My best destinations so far have been Costa Rica and the United Sates (Florida, California and Nevada). Costa Rica was beautiful with a diversity of nature scenes and animals. If we can travel again, I would like to go to Dubai, Miami, Brazil, Philippines and Hawaii. My ultimate dream destination is Hawaii, because the landscape there is very diverse. Beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes, but also city life. In addition, Hawaii gives me a very restful feeling, where you can swim among tropical fish and dance under the moonlight.

An international booking means adventure and relaxation for me. It would be great to meet someone with whom I can do fun things with somewhere far away from the Netherlands. The person I meet will be new, but so will the environment. These are all stimuli that I will receive, that seems amazing! I am someone who likes to visit places of interest, but also someone who can relax. I love the sun the most! Get a nice tan and then swim in the sea or in the pool. A city trip also seems great! Discover new places together and get to know each other better. Then enjoy a nice dinner with a glass of wine in our hands. I am open to everything and will certainly participate in an adventurous outing or a night out."

High end escort Sophie mostly enjoys city trips

"I love city breaks! In the city you see, hear and taste the culture of a country. I like to visit all kinds of cultural sights and local markets and to admire the architecture, cathedrals and museums. With a break on a picturesque square and a breath of fresh air at the end of the day at a harbor or on the beach because I love the sea! The sound of the sea is soothing, I can spend the whole day on the beach with a drink, a snack, a good book and of course good company. Besides the beach, I also like to explore the underwater world with my diving goggles and snorkel, where you even forget the world above water. At the end of a wonderful day at the beach, I like to taste the catch of the day, whether it is from the beach or from the sea."

High end escort Emma from Amsterdam likes exciting activities

"I like to travel and doing exciting activities be it in the Netherlands or abroad. The fun before my trip even started, begins with packing my suitcase. I can hardly choose between all my bikini’s, bathing suits, dresses and skirts. My favorite journeys are the ones to a beautiful destination with a nice temperature. I have already seen different places in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and Asia. The European islands were definitely my favorite destinations. I have visited a few beautiful places. A trip to the Maldives would definitely be first on my wishlist for this summer. You can find the most beautiful beaches with clear water and tiny beach houses where i would love to end with you after a long day enjoying life together. Will we be having some food and drinks on the beach, or can’t we keep our hands off eacht other...

I also like exploring and visiting different (big) citys. I know how to enjoy myself and i’ll always make a list of must sees before i go so i’ll never get bored. My must do’s for most citytrips are visiting musea, architecture, shops, restaurants and hiking through nature. I have never been to Portugal before, but i really want to go there for a citytrip when we get out of the lockdown. I would love to go there with you and enjoying the weather, the nature, delicious food and wine together! What would a perfect trip look like for me? It would be a trip where we can enjoy each others company to the fullest and doing exciting activities together. I can’t wait and i’m already dreaming..."


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