International high end escorts - part 1

International high end escorts - part 1

Our high end escorts dream of international destinations

In the middle of the second lockdown, everyone dreams of less corona measures. Many can hardly wait to visit a beautiful restaurant again, enjoy a cocktail in a trendy bar or travel to a (tropical) destination abroad. We asked our high end escorts where they would most like to go and which beautiful destinations have already been ticked off their travel bucket list. Read part 1 here!

High end escort Maxime from The Hague travels a lot

"When you ask does Maxime like to travel? Hell Yes! I love to travel. As soon as I have a few days off, I often try to find an ‘excuse’ to be able to pack my bags. No and then far away, and more often somewhere in Europe. The feeling of a new adventure and being from home for a few days makes me very enthusiastic and happy. Within Europe I have already been able to visit many countries and cities, but I also have memories beyond that. My best and most impressive experiences so far are swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean, whale watching in Canada and the beautiful nature of New Zealand. 

I cannot wait for travel restrictions to disappear. We call it travel hunger nowadays. Destinations that are currently high on my list are: Singapore, Fiji, Cuba and a little closer to home Iceland and Santorini. Of course I also look forward to international bookings again. Maybe together with you? When you travel with me you have a travel partner who is active and a little bit naughty. From sports activities, sightseeing or a day in the sun in my bikini. Discovering the area during the day, making nice trips and let this flow into relaxed and romantic evenings ending in our hotel room. 

I can imagine what we wake up in the morning at your destination of choice. Together in bed discuss what fun activities we will be doing. I will let you choose which bikini to pack and which dress I should wear tonight for dinner. What I will be wearing underneath remains a surprise. After a wonderful day on a boat and back in the hotel room after dinner we discuss whether we should go somewhere or stay in the room. I think I already know what we are going to do... You too?" 

Escort Noah from Amsterdam wants to discover the underwater world

"My New Year’s resolution was to travel more this year. Hopefully I can finally enjoy the beauty of the world again from July. Destinations in Latin America have been my favorite spots, so far. My ultimate dream destination is definitely the Maldives, it looks like a fairytale! I think it would be great to dive there, I’m planning to finish my PADI certificate in half a year from now on. They say all the beauty in the world is both on land and under water. I am very adventurous, I would love to show you some on an international booking. Diving, quad biking, water sports, skydiving... I’m up for anything! Not such a daredevil? No problem, I’ll make it an adventure by taking you into the city and discover it together. I can’t wait to get out of the Netherlands more often, preferably far away! Relaxing or on an adventure… I would love to come with you, if the sun is shining! Otherwise I’ll be your sunshine."

Intelligent escort Elise likes to venture into oriental spheres

"I really love to travel, not least of all because I really love the feeling of the sun on my bare skin. The nice weather and the feeling of not planning to far ahead, is what I love. Exploring other cultures and trying different cuisines that will always taste better locally also makes me love traveling. Work, studies and holidays gave me the opportunity to explore a bit of the world, but my absolute favorite destination is the Middle East. The historic parts give me the feeling I’m walking around in a 1001 fairytale. But I also love the modern lifestyle, luxury nightlife in Beirut or the trendy coffee hotspots in Teheran. A good balance between adventure and relaxation makes a trip complete for me. This would certainly also be the case for international bookings. Exploring the destination together and having a relaxing evening, a romantic diner or a cocktail on a beautiful rooftop and of course ending the day in an exciting way in our hotel room. When the travel restrictions will be lifted, I hope to travel again soon. A city trip to Istanbul would be one of the first on the list, would you like to go with me?"

Glamour model and escort Valerie travels a lot for photoshoots

"As we speak I’m sitting in an airplane writing this small blog (Destination Curaçao). I have been very fortuned to travel a lot for work; I graced many covers and traveled over 25 countries to do so. That can be quite hectic so if I can choose a destination it would be something to relax and unwind; a little calmer and definitely luxurious with one or two day trips. 

Let’s say a tropical island where we get or bodies sun kissed and warm, sit at the beach with our toes in the sand, take a dive or snorkel to relax again with a cocktail in our hands in the afternoon then make ourselves nice and pretty for a lovely dinner where I can be sweet as (eye) candy for dessert. 

I’ve been to Atlantis at the Bahamas and that was absolutely exquisite. The good food, casino, the excitement of the water park if you want to, the animals at the resort and pig island. I absolutely loved it there, I heard that the Maldives and Seychelles are similar and there are a lot more tropical islands to explore. Just as spa resorts anywhere. Are we heading for the sun together?"


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