Interact Service Review

An amazing review for our Interact Service

We recently received such an amazing review for our Interact Service, we asked the gentleman in question if we could share it with you. He gladly approved, luckily. The client came to The Netherlands for a one week holiday, to enjoy the company of our ladies, go to nice restaurants and visit museums. Since we are one of the only (legal) escortservices in the world, offering a specialized service for clients with a disability, he choose our Interact Service.

Review of our high class escortservice for disabled clients

"Hi Marike,

I hope this finds you well and happy. I sat down tonight to finally write my testimonials, and again review your website for the wonderful memories still so fresh in my mind from my visit 2013. I can’t believe it’ll be three years since you and the lovely women I met changed my life.

I’d fit into your Interact Service and Mature Gentlemen experiences if I can return – something I dream about. The exchange rate is a little better now but the Euro is still hammering the USD. When I visited, I paid $1.36USD for $1.00Euro. I see the difference is about half that now. The trip cost around $22,000USD but it was worth every penny. You literally saved my life and the lovely escorts I met restored my self-concept. I wish I would’ve been able to save more money before being pushed into early retirement by disability. But I at least have had the honor of being your client once.

I like the way you’ve integrated your testimonials/reviews into the site and how you’ve managed them. It’s typical of your first class business management skill set. I’ve struggled with my testimonials. I’ve included a testimonial for all the escorts below.

Escort One

Her profile is what drew me to your wonderful company and your Interact Service closed the deal. She was extremely bright, lively, and a wonderful conversationalist. Her eyes and smile brought sunshine with them. Her laugh gave me joy. As an Interact Service client, she couldn’t have been more conscientious about my comfort. She was always cognizant of my needs and integrated her behavior so flawlessly that I felt as if most of my limitations had somehow disappeared for the evening. She told me something before ending the evening that was the kindest, most timely thing I could ever hear. I truly adore her. Lucky be the person who wins her heart. Please pass on my best wishes and heartfelt thanks to her.

Escort Two

She was a delight. Her energy was palpable and her inquisitive intellect was a joy to experience. She was extremely attentive to my needs as an Interact Service client. I’ll never forget her eyes and how she expressed herself with them. I was so pleased to spend time with such an accomplished conversationalist who possessed an incredible curiosity about the world. She made me laugh, feel relaxed, and comfortable. 

Escort Three

She literally astounded me. Her demeanor was calm, she was the epitome of elegance and grace. She possesses a powerful spiritual aura. Her perfect beauty aside, I was practically breathless when she looked into my eyes because I felt as if she was looking into my soul. She’s a powerful woman and I am extremely fortunate to have spent time with her. She seemed to be a free spirit, wise, spiritual, insightful, gentle, kind, and attentive, with a smile that could warm a cold heart. As an Interact Service client, I couldn’t be happier with my experience with her.

Escort Four

She took excellent care of me. As an Interact Service client, she had additional issues to deal with because I suffered jet lag and fatigue the evening we spent together. She was sweet, down to earth, relaxed, and confident. She managed my being out of sorts with grace and professional aplomb that somehow made me comfortable. She also had to deal with a rude taxi driver that evening and she just took it all in stride. She helped me through a difficult evening by putting me at ease and ensuring I enjoyed myself as much as conditions allowed. 

Marike, I hope you find some value in these very tardy reviews. They’re heartfelt if nothing else. The escorts truly changed my life and my self-concept. You made that possible. I’m a very lucky guy. I’m in my 60ties now and I think I look younger than the other guys I see my age. In fact, I look good compared to most of them. If only my body worked on a comparable level. I realize that my time for being accepted as a client is rapidly dwindling but I hope to make a return trip at some point. I’m not rich by any means and I want my savings to last as long as possible; however, I need to live some more while I still can. You’re an incredible woman and I wish all the best for you.

My sincerest wishes for your happiness and health.

The client"