How to help us through these difficult Corona times

How to help us through these difficult Corona times

How can you help our high class escorts?

In recent weeks, we have received heartwarming messages from several clients to wish us lots of strength during the Corona crisis. Many clients also asked what they could do to help our high class escorts. After all, they are currently without income.

The Dutch government is doing its utmost to support affected persons, but our high class escorts are currently not covered by any government assistance. Their situation is uncomfortable, but not nearly so difficult that they have to apply for social assistance benefits. The tax structure that we apply to the cooperation with our high class escorts is called "opting-in", an initiative of the government in which the independence of the escort is guaranteed, but we do pay for her income tax and healthcare premium. Normally this construction is ideal, all taxes are levied, the escort does not have to do any admin and retains all freedom to determine who, what, where and how. But in this case, the escorts therefore do not qualify for assistance for self-employed persons and for salaried persons during the Corona crisis. It is therefore not surprising that some of our attentive clients have already asked how they can help.

Something exciting to look forward to

Not only do our high class escorts miss their generous earnings with our high class escort service, they also miss their exciting bookings. The main motivation for our escorts to want to do this type of work is the excitement, adventure and eroticism. And that is lacking quite a bit, when you have to stay indoors alone and avoid social contact as much as possible. We previously announced that we have now extended the period for how long a booking can be made in advance. This is now 6 months instead of 3 months, and this is eagerly used. Several bookings have already been made and we notice that not only we but also our escorts are very happy with this. The prospect of a fun, exciting booking, and of course some income, greatly eases the pain.

Book a dinnerdate with a high class escort

An escort service is struggling at the time of the Corona crisis, but hospitality entrepreneurs have much more difficulties. Would you also like to support them? Then book a dinner date with our high class escortservice. We recently updated all pages with the best locations for dining in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Eindhoven. Many restaurants offer the option of paying your luxury dinner in advance at a reduced rate, which gives them some extra cash flow during these difficult times and you can later enjoy a delicious dinner at a lower rate than usual. This leaves you with something extra to buy a nice present for your favorite high class escort. We asked some of our escorts what they would prefer to receive as a gift just after the Corona crisis. Normally a nice perfume or beautiful jewelry is preferred, but this time our high class escorts were quite unanimous; a day at a wellness spa or a beautiful set of luxury lingerie boutique Pleasurements in Amsterdam are now the top gifts!