Honeymoon Experience

The Honeymoon Experience (HME)

Our high class escorts all offer a Girlfriend Experience, which we have extensively described on our website. Some of our escorts are even open to the Pornstar Experience and other naughty requests. But a new concept was brought to our attention recently that we would like to get into: The Honeymoon Experience. Supposedly, the Honeymoon Experience is better than a GFE, and even more nebulous. It refers to a booking that is comparable to the intensity and passion of lovemaking while on one’s honeymoon. We wonder... is the Honeymoon Experience mostly a marketing hype? Or something our high class escorts would offer?

How other escorts view the Honeymoon Experience

We have searched the web, but there are no clear requirements about what a client will receive during a Honeymoon Experience. However, it seems the escort will always look to replicate the passion and intensity of the lovemaking experienced while on a honeymoon. The Honeymoon Experience may also involve romantic activities like putting rose petals on the bed or taking a leisurely bath together. The Honeymoon Experience is generally enjoyed over a longer session, which may be as long as a week and involve travel to an exotic location. However, some escorts offering the Honeymoon Experiences also offer one hour bookings. In general, it seems the Honeymoon Experience is comparable to the Girlfriend Experience, as both are services provided by escorts that focus on romance, rather than kink and extreme sex acts. However, the Honeymoon Experience looks to be even more romantic and passionate than the Girlfriend Experience.

How our escortservice views the Honeymoon Experience

From the little information available, we can only conclude the Honeymoon Experience is a service we are interested in to offer our clients. In fact, we believe it is a service we are already offering and our high class escorts have been offering for as long as our escortservice exists. At first we where a bit hesitant, wondering if the Honeymoon Experience would suggest unsafe sex, which our escorts do not offer. But we have not found any references to unsafe sex of any kind. What we do read is that this service refers to a very passionate and romantic experience. We happen to call this service the Girlfriend Experience. We can not imagine a more romantic and passionate experience version of the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) than our escorts already offer.

When booking one of our high class escorts, you can certainly expect things like candlelight, rose petals, champagne with strawberries, bubblebaths and sharing massages, which people commonly think of when imagining a honeymoon. They are all part of the experience our escorts currently offer. If you're looking for something kinky, some of our escorts are open to such an experience as well, but in no way or shape is this a requirement. Despite what the average porn movie might suggest, "great sex" does not require anything kinky, but it certainly requires passion. And when it comes to travel to an exotic location... well our exclusive escorts gladly join you to any tropical island of your choice...