Holiday Season at our escortservice

Holiday Season at our escortservice

Spend the holidays with an high class escort

The typical Dutch holiday "Sinterklaas" was celebrated just a few days ago, on December 5th. To most children, it's the most important day in December as Sinterklaas traditionally brings them presents. Having said that, many adults are known for celebrating Sinterklaas as well in the form of a game called "Surprise", where you are asked to prepare a silly gift, in an even more silly wrapping (the surprise), accompanied with a poem that makes fun of the person you are giving it too. This person then has to guess who the present came from. Fun isn't it? After Sinterklaas, most Dutch people will start setting up their Christmas trees. In general, Christmas is used to spend time with family and friends. Many people decorate their homes and visit Christmas markets prior to Christmas Day. They then prepare and eat a luxurious meal and may attend a special church service on Christmas Day.

Like every year, we will be open for bookings during Christmas and New Years eve. Like most Dutch people, the majority of our escorts will spend at least one Christmas day with family and friends, but usually not all days. Therefore, we still have some ladies available during Christmas. Keep in mind, these special days require a 5 hour minimum booking, dinner dates are preferred. There is nothing sad about spending the holidays with one of our high class escorts. The only sad thing would be to spend it alone. Since availability is limited, we recommend you place your bookings well in advance, at least a day in advance. We are more than happy to check for an available escort the same day, but chances are our ladies are already booked or have made alternative plans. These are our opening hours during the holiday season:

December 24th: Normal opening hours (10.00 AM - midnight)

December 25th and 26th: Open after brunch until dinnertime (approx. noon to 6.00 PM)

December 31st: Open from 10.00AM until party time (approx. 8.00 PM)

January 1st: Open after brunch (approx. noon) until midnight

If we do not speak to each other during the holiday season, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to hearing from you again in the New Year.