Holiday Season with a high class escort

Holiday Season with a high class escort

Celebrate the holidays with an high class escort

The typical Dutch holiday "Sinterklaas" was celebrated just a few days ago, and I have decorated my Christmas tree. Underneath it are presents for the people I am spending the holidays with. However, I've already received a gift this year, which I will tell you more about in a bit. First the administrative part. Like every year, we will be open for bookings during Christmas and New Years eve. Keep in mind, these special days require a 5 hour minimum booking, dinner dates are preferred. Since availability is limited, we recommend you place your bookings well in advance, at least a day in advance. We are more than happy to check for an available escort the same day, but chances are our ladies are already booked or have made alternative plans. These are our opening hours during the holiday season:

December 24th: Normal opening hours and minimum booking

December 25th: Open after brunch until dinnertime (approx. noon to 6.00 PM)

December 26th: Open after brunch until dinnertime (approx. noon to 6.00 PM)

December 31st: Open from 10.00AM until party time (approx. 9.00 PM)

January 1st: Open after brunch (approx. noon) until midnight

During these hours we can be reached for making a booking and answering your questions. Your booking can however start at any desired time between 10.00AM and midnight. If we do not speak to each other during the holiday season, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I look forward to hearing from you again in the New Year.

Special Christmas gift

Just like always before the holidays, I collect my mail with anticipation. Because this is the time of the year my mailbox is not filled with bills and letters from tax authorities but Christmas cards. Every year I am surprised how many clients send me a card. No worries, for discretion reasons, we will not return the favor. The best Christmas card this year I would like to share with you and is from one of the escorts of Society Service. This is what she wrote:

Dear Marike,

December is a month of reflection. One of the things I thought of while reflecting is that I found it important to let you know how much I appreciate and admire you and your work. What I admire is your ability to assess others, organization skills and clear communication style.  

I didn't expect there to be a 100% score with regards to how nice I am being treated by clients; they are respectful and courteous. There has only been 1 booking that I liked a little bit less, but this was for a very different reason (body odor). Partly because of this high core makes this work a very positive experience for me. And I owe that to you. I am grateful how careful you are with handling me and the selection of bookings that suit me and I can handle. 

In a work atmosphere where I am challenged because only the best is good enough, there's a clear vision and the freedom to implement this in the way I thrive best. You realize this at Society Service. If I get a job after graduation, I hope my manager is just like you. Only a little bit would be great. In one of your columns you write how you see escorts during international bookings as rockstars. I think you are the biggest rockstar. 

Happy holidays!