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A little more about high class escort Sienna

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our intelligent and athletic high class escort Sienna, who tells you a little bit more about looking forward to her experiences as a high class escort.

"I look at my watch to see how much time there is left. 2 Hours to go, 1 hour travel time. No time to take a bath, so I take a hot shower. I wash my hair and I use a nice shower oil for my body. I feel a fine tension through my body, I want to meet you! After a refreshing shower, I use my delicious smelling body cream and I put some make-up on. My green eyes sparkle because of my excitement. Now the fun part: figuring out my lingerie. Will I wear my favorite red lingerie set? Or maybe the sexy body? I put my stockings on and I decide to wear a pretty exciting semi-transparent black lingerie set with beautiful suspenders. I check my watch, time to go!

I walk through the revolving door of the beautiful hotel where I am meeting you tonight. My high heels are touching the ground. We meet in the beautiful hotel bar. I walk in and see you right away, you see me immediately as well. Your eyes shine and I think to myself; this will be an exciting evening. I walk in your direction and I notice your eyes are checking my body. You wrap your arm lightly around my waist and give me a kiss on my cheek. The tension between us is directly sensible. You tell me you have ordered a bottle of champagne for us and ask me if I want to move to the courtyard of the hotel, it is a lovely sunny day. With our drinks we walk to the garden, you are walking gallantly before me. You say you have been looking forward all day to our dinner date and I have to admit that this is entirely mutual.

If I correct the strap of my black tight dress a little, you put your hand on my shoulder and say that it is perfect. Only the feeling of your hand on my shoulder gives me a sense of desire. You ask what I prefer to eat and I say I love surprises. I give you a naughty smile and your eyes are telling me enough. You order a surprise menu with a great, matching wine for each course. We talk about everything and we discover we have the same sense of humor. The mental click is the same as the physical, which is not unimportant. What an evening, and the night is only young... During our delicious dinner we are talking about our fantasies. After dessert I whisper softly to you if you want to fulfill these fantasies with me.

We are in the elevator and go to the 19th floor of the hotel. I am standing in front of you and I look at you. My lips are almost touching yours. The tension that was already sensible throughout the whole evening, is now exploding. By the time I almost feel your lips, we arrive at the 19th floor. I grab your hand and walk to the hotel room. I feel your eyes at my derriere and my hips gently swaying while walking. In the room the window is slightly open, a cool breeze is more than welcome on a hot summer night like this. I am standing in front of the window and watch the nice view, the whole city is beautifully illuminated. I feel you are standing behind me, you hit your arms around me and kiss me gently in my neck. I turn around and find your lips. A passionate kiss follows and gives us more and more desire.

I light the candles and put some nice music on. Then I ask you to lay down on the bed. I am standing in front of you and I look at you, I move slowly on the music. I pull out my dress and I see your eyes discovering my beautiful tanned body, my breasts and hips. I dance sensual for you and turn around so you can see my round derriere in the soft candlelight. I look seductively over my shoulder and I see you want me as much as I want you. I wish that this night never passes and I enjoy every second. I love how you look at me, the tension that's in the air. I love to seduce you. I ask you to lay down at the bed and put a little massage oil on my hands. I give you a relax massage, you feel my hands everywhere. Then you indicate it is your turn. You give me a nice oily massage. Then you turn me gently on my back, you're blindfolding me and say that it is time to fulfill our fantasies..."

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