High class escort Olivia

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A little more about high class escort Olivia

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our exotic high class escort Olivia!

The life of an high class escort... That's a subject where people surely get excited and giggly. I do not blame them. The life of an high class escort is full of surprises and I like to open up to you. 

Why did I decide to become a high class escort? I came across an article in a magazine about Marike and Society Service. After reading that article I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to know more. So I went looking on Google for more stories and experiences from others. I decided just to go for it. I love a bit of excitement in my life. Society Service gave me a good feeling and I knew that I would like to work there. But am I good enough? Did I fit in? I got my interview with Marike and the rest is history. I work now as an high class escort. And I like it a lot. Let’s be honest, it is not a profession where I used to dream of. I wanted to be a princess. During a booking I get pampered and I will be treated like a real lady. For me, this is in the direction of being a princess.

My family and friends don’t know that I'm an high class escort. It's my secret. That feeling to have a secret that no one else knows, I love that. During bookings, I can discover the sensual side of myself. I used to have some limits, nowadays I don’t. I feel all woman. I admit, it can sometimes be difficult to live two lives. During the day, yet I am an ordinary woman with a 'normal' life, at least for the outside world.

So I sit on a terrace to enjoy a cup of fresh mint tea with my friends. My phone rings. Excitement is pumping through my body when I see that it is a text of Marike: "Dear Olivia, can you work tonight at 18:00 PM in Amsterdam?". I look at my watch. It's 15:00 PM. I must leave now. I'll think of a good excuse, give my friends a kiss and I am gone.

Once I arrive home, I jump in the shower and get myself ready for a fun evening. This is where the preparation begins. In the shower I fantasize about who I will meet tonight. Will it be a rich businessman who spoils me with wonderful gifts or a nervous sweet man who is very new to this all. Whoever it is, every time I experience wonderful evenings. Quickly I get out of the shower and dry myself. I spray some Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel on my body. Now I smell everywhere delightfully fresh of my favourite perfume. I put my favourite lingerie on from Agent Provocateur and admire myself in the mirror. "Wow", I think. I look really beautiful. I'm sure my client will be very happy. Then I put on an elegant dress, some lipstick on and run my hands through my hair. I am ready!

Now, I can imagine that you are curious about how my evening went. I can tell you, it was very nice! A great man and another escort of Society Service generously received me. That's right, this was a duo booking. We went out for dinner at a fantastic restaurant. I can only say that we got spoiled. I still see the smile of the other lady in front of me. Once in the room we sat down on the bed. We kissed each other and we slowly took each other's clothes off. I started kissing the other escort and took her bra off and started to kiss her everywhere. The look of the client said enough, he was enjoying his view. We spoiled the client with an erotic massage. The evening could not last long enough for us. We continued all night. What a wonderful experience!

With such evenings you will be put in the spotlight. You feel like a real lady. Yet still have my fantasies. My ultimate fantasy is to experience a very romantic experience in a beautiful suite with large windows, a jacuzzi in the middle of the room and a view of an international city. Hong Kong is currently on my wish list. In my fantasy I kiss your lips gently and press my body against yours. I feel that you get excited and you gently feel my bottom. The champagne we drank at the start of the evening starts to do its job. I slowly start moving my hips to the rhythm of the music. You get my hint and for a while we are dancing close to each other. I am getting excited. I take a step back and I look at you with my green eyes. I push you in a chair and I want you to look at me. Slowly I open the zipper of my dress and I let it fall on the ground. You look admiring at my half-naked body. I am proud of my body and I like to show you every bit of it. My beautiful natural breasts, my ass and tight body. I dance for you and make you crazy and crazier. Until you get so excited. You pull me over and kiss me everywhere. Between my breasts, my belly and lower... Take me to your city and show me the world. I promise you, you will enjoy!

xxx Olivia

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