High class escort men at our escortservice

High class escort men at our escortservice

Who are the high class escort men of Society Service?

As you have probably already noticed, Society Service is in addition to an escortservice for ladies, recently also the escortservice of the Netherlands with the most exclusive high class escort men! These male escorts, ranging in age from twenty-three to fifty years, are all selected because they have all the qualities a woman could wish for.

Our gigolos are charming, sweet, intelligent, handsome, eloquent, and above all they understand what women enjoy and find important. Since our gigolo service is still brand new, we present three male escorts in this blog. Would you like to see all the gigolos we have available? Check them out at our Gigolo Service. Since we offer a wide variety of male escorts, you are likely to find a gigolo that meets all your preferences.

Julian, a young male high class escort with beautiful eyes

The first male high class escort we introduce to you is Julian, currently the youngest gigolo of Society Service. This handsome and confident Adonis of twenty-three years old is truly a feast for the eyes and has a variety of qualities that make him an exceptionally good 'catch'. He has bright blue-green eyes, is athletic and in addition to being a dedicated a bachelor student, he works as a commercial model. Having said that, it is not only the external characteristics that make Julian an exceptionally good investment. In addition to his handsome face, Julian is super caring, sweet, flirtatious, romantic and knows in the first place what women find important. Julian: "I am a very passionate and romantic lover, although I can be dominant as well while I have a strong drive for pleasure and fulfilling your fantasy. No fantasy is too crazy for me.“ The question that remains is: do you allow Julian to let all your fantasies come true?”

Damian, a spontaneous male high class escort with a positive character

If there is one male escort we wouldn’t want you to miss, it is our Damian! This intelligent and energetic gigolo has everything to label him as a Prince Charming. Damian is sweet, spontaneous and can give you the feeling that you have known each other for years. Damian is also always cheerful, positive and has a wide variety of interests. But above all, Damian is a real seducer who knows better than anyone else what a woman wants. Damian: "I adore sensual and sexual tension and enjoy flirting and building up to something much more than simply ‘going for’.” What do you think? Will you allow Damian to demonstrate his seductive skills on you personally?

Rafael, a smart male high class escort with Caribbean origins

Are you looking for a spontaneous, intelligent and charismatic gigolo, with a beautiful smile and an inviting character that makes you feel at ease immediately? In that case Rafael is guaranteed the one you are looking for! This university educated male escort, with a Caribbean origin, meets all the requirements a woman could wish for. Rafael has a beautiful athletic body, is ambitious and thanks to his interest in yoga and philosophy, he is able to understand women on a deeper level. He’s also the perfect candidate for the Virgin Experience. Rafael: "I like to be in charge, and to give you an amazing night. I am very open-minded and believe we can have the most beautiful adventures together if we were to meet." Well, ladies, are you interested in going on this adventure with Rafael?