High class escort Melody from Eindhoven

High class escort Melody from Eindhoven

A little bit more about high class escort Melody

Occasionally we ask a high class escort to answer some personal questions or to tell something more about themselves. This time we asked high class escort Melody, who lives in Eindhoven. Melody is a very intelligent, elegant and sensitive redhead. At first she is sweet and gentle, but get to know her better and you'll discover why redheads are often described as passionate. Melody is not only passionate about her work as a high class escort, she is about music as well and tells you a bit more about this passion.

The magic of music for high class escort Melody

"One of my passions in life is definitely music. There are different styles that I love, depending on the setting and on my mood. One of the most mysterious and magical styles that I love listening to, is classical music. The beautiful psalm composition `Miserere Mei, Deus’ by Allegri opens my heart every time I listen to it. On a Sunday morning, I love waking up with a Violin Concerto by Mendelssohn. And listening to Chopin’s ‘Nocturnes’ is a wonderful option while cooking on a cosy winter evening.

Are you also a music lover and would you like to take me on a date and are you wondering what you want to do together? Well, I would definitely feel honored being taken to the ‘Concertgebouw’ in Amsterdam to listen to a music performance together. A solo pianist, choir music, a piano trio, or maybe something more modern like for example jazz or Portuguese Fado. It all sounds wonderful to me! A life performance in a building with such a breathtaking architecture and magnificent acoustics, is an immeasurable pleasure for the ears as well as for the eyes.

Speaking of pleasures… Sitting next to you while listening together to the beautiful music, I will secretly be looking forward to showing you what I am wearing beneath that chic concert dress. Wouldn’t it be delightful to take the auditory pleasures of the concert to a more private setting to let some other, more physical pleasures blend in as well…? 

Would you like to take a warm bath together? After that I can give you an erotic and teasing massage with soothing oil. My hands will not leave any part of your body untouched and they will build up the tension. Do you want to kiss me softly while caressing my cheek, or does the excitement give you the desire to play it the rough way and pull my hair while you bend me over and spank me? Well, the night is ours, so we can do whatever we wish to do. But whatever we choose to do, I do know one thing for sure: after we started our evening with the magic of music, we will be creating our own magic during the night… See you soon, Melody”   

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