High class escort Elise from The Netherlands

High class escort Elise from The Netherlands

A bit more about high class escort Elise

Occasionally we ask a high class escort to answer some personal questions or to tell something more about themselves. This time we asked high class escort Elise, living in The Netherlands. Elise is a sweet and intelligent blonde, with a soft and feminine body and a very youthful appearance. She is a little more introverted by nature and likes to develop herself through the experiences she gains as a high class escort. She tells more about her perfect booking and the fantasies that come true.

The discovery of high class escort Elise

"A desire for a sense of adventure made me apply for a job as a high-class escort at Society service. I am still satisfied with this decision, since gaining new experiences and meeting interesting people are making this job a wonderful experience. 

My personality might not meet your first expectation of a high-class escort. I would describe myself as down to earth, I don’t like to play games with you, and small talk is not my strongest asset. I can sometimes be a bit overwhelmed and be a bit shy, especially when you have a very strong personality. But if you are nervous for our date, I will do anything in my power to make you feel comfortable. Within the right company, I come across intelligent, sweet, flirty and funny. 

Establishing a good connection is important for me, I can show you my best side when you take a little time to get to know me. Getting to know each other through a good conversation, accompanied by a glass of wine or a romantic dinner has my preference. I’d also like to have a walk in nature or engage in other activities. 

After getting to know each other, I can be quite adventurous in the bedroom. I love to tease you and play around a bit, but in the end I also love to please you. I like trying new things and would love to make your fantasies come true. You will have the best time with me when you are down to earth, love to have interesting conversations, and want to enjoy this special and exciting moment together. 

Since I started working for society service, I love to explore my bisexual side a bit more. I really enjoy being together with a beautiful woman, for example with one of the gorgeous escorts at Society service. But one of my bookings I enjoyed the most was a booking with a couple. It is a very special experience to have an exciting evening where you are part of the fantasy they share together."

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