High class escort Dalia from Eindhoven

High class escort Dalia from Eindhoven

A little more about high class escort Dalia

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our intelligent and elegant high class escort Dalia from the Eindhoven area, who will tell you a little bit more about herself, her first bookings and all the new experiences these provide. High class escort Dalia is very intelligent and despite her beauty has a disreet appearance, making her very suitable for a dinnerdate. She is based near Eindhoven, but Dalia is also available in other cities of The Netherlands, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Diary of a callgirl

"Dear Diary, this is the first and last time that I’ll write about my life as an escort. And, dear reader, this is the first and last time that I’ll grant you a peek into my diary. The first half year after I started working for escortservice Society Service has flown by! The idea to become an escort was born a few years ago already. Since I was too young at the time, it didn’t work out. In spite of that, the desire to let this idea become more than an idea alone didn’t go away. Hence, after thorough desk research, I applied at Marike's escort agency."

International bookings at our escortservice

"And here I am, half a year after my first date: in the airplane, on my way to my first international booking! Even though I’m very glad that this flight hasn’t had any turbulence so far, some turbulence in life is vital for me. It makes the daily humdrum more exciting, keeps me focussed and is a guarantee for a pleasant dose of adrenalin. Just like my study, which is highly dynamic and challenging, this job is a guarantee for an open minded vision on the world and interesting meetings."

New experiences of a high class escort

"I’m already certain that I will never get bored in this job, because the past months were so full of ‘first times’: the first date as an escort on itself, followed by doing a lingerie-photoshoot for the first time, my first threesome… and being intimate with another woman for the first time. That’s exactly what I find so captivating about this unorthodox side job: the adventure, the meetings, the experience… It’s simply delightful to love and be loved, knowing that the other person is just as thrilled as I am to have a special time together."

Girlfriend Experience and naughty fantasies

"Now you might think, ok, sounds lovely, but what is it that you haven’t done? What would you like to try out? Well, let me tell you; the list is endless. A roleplay, for instance, in which you are my teacher who wants some private time with his student? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of being the CEO having a little adventure with his PA? And how about exploring the mysterious world of tantra, going to a couples club, or spicing up a boring staff party by finding a quiet place where nobody will disturb us… No matter what you choose, the party starts when we are together – and it actually begins even earlier with the pre-fun."

Fun before the actual escort booking

"I feel that delicious excitement as soon as my phone alerts me that I have a notification of Society Service. In my mind, I go through my wardrobe to find the perfect outfit after reading the confirmation. Or perhaps you have an outfit in mind in which you would like to see me? I head for the shower and enjoy washing my body, followed by some moisturizing oil. By the time I have put on the outfit, chosen by one of us, it’s time to blow dry my hair into the right model. Then I grab my bag, which contains some surprises we can try out together. The journey flies by, we meet each other for the first time… and we both know that we will have an amazing time together. Dear reader, it will hardly surprise you that I live by the words: “Don’t just exist, live life to the fullest!”. I cannot wait to share this with you, and hope to meet you soon… Lots of love, Dalia"

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