Bombshell Jennifer


High class escort and sexy bombshell Jennifer

There's this saying in Dutch that goes "een gegeven paard moet je niet in de bek kijken", in English "Beggars cannot be choosers". And that's exactly what I'm about to do. It's of great importance to us that the portfolio of our escorts is accurate, up to date and a genuine representation of what the lady looks like in real life, when you meet her. That's why it's so easy for us to offer you our guarantee. There will be no surprises when meeting the escort. She's equally, of not nicer, than her pictures and profile suggests. To maintain an accurate portfolio, we invite both our new and existing escorts to our photoshoots. We hold a photoshoot approximately once per 2 to 3 months.

Last month, we invited high class escort Jennifer to our photoshoot. She had mentioned her body changed a bit. She had gained a bit (less than 3 kilo's but still...), mostly in her butt and boobs. Nothing wrong with that, one would say. But we felt Jennifer's pictures do not reflect her personality well enough. Her pictures are fantastic. Her profile is in high demand because they show her beauty and mostly her sex appeal. She's our little sex kitten, naughty bombshell, but also so much more. We wanted to capture the sophisticated and fun side of Jennifer as well. So off we went.

The day of the photoshoot arrived. I asked Jennifer to bring a conservative outfit as well as some "cute" lingerie. Soft colors, lace, sweet and cute. Which she did. Our make-up artist does very little adjustments to the make-up we ask our escorts to do for themselves, as we want to show you what the lady will look like when arriving for a booking. Since no make-up artist will do her make-up for hours, neither will we at the photoshoot. It's merely a touch up and Jennifer was looking amazing already, in her conservative outfit as requested. We exchanged some pleasantries and some jokes. After all, Jennifer would not be Jennifer without some fun and jokes and off we went. But soon the conservative blouse got pulled on, changing a discreet look into a sexy one. I put a stop to it and asked Jennifer to think "sophistication, elegance and femininity". It worked for a few minutes, during which we shot her new "fully dresses" picture.

I quickly asked her to change into the white lace lingerie we put together for high class escort Jennifer. A beautiful elegant piece, I might add. It went into the direction I wanted it to go for exactly 10 seconds. After that little sex kitten Jennifer came out to play. If I would have videorecorded her shoot, it would have been closer to porn than to the elegant shoot I had in mind. I decided to let go and go with the flow. There's just no stopping Jennifer. When the camera is on, she turns in to a very seductive, sexy and gorgeous sex bomb. Her curves, full lips and bedroom eyes seduce the camera like I only hope she will seduce you as well. But as a result the elegant and fun Jennifer is not really captured in between. So take my word for it. Jennifer is fun, elegant, stylish and great company for dates including more than bedroom fun. But yes she's a real bombshell as well, in every sense of the word. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience ;-).

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