High class escort Audrey from Amsterdam

High class escort Audrey from Amsterdam

A little more about high class escort Audrey

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our elegant high class escort Audrey, who shares with you her passion for luxurious lingerie and her journey to create her own pieces of lingerie.

A few days out of my life...  

Day 1. Silk tops, lace dresses, evening trousers and cashmere sweaters are scattered around my bedroom, items that are only acceptable in Paris! As I place my favourite high heels in my leather weekend bag, the only thing left to do is pick my lingerie for this trip! I have always had a love for beautiful lingerie and how it is able to transform my mood, whether it’s elegant daring or bold, it never fails to bring me great pleasure. As I go over my many silk and dentelle bras, each with their own unique design I select a beautiful nearly transparent set with the finest French lace, a black silk satin bra combined with an ouvert existing from merely straps and lace for when I feel truly bold. And one of my favourite most luxurious pieces in aubergine silk but I will describe this later in my story! I know I cannot take all my pieces but I would happily fill up my bag with a different set for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Finally I decide to pack a silk camisole a red lace nightgown and a black silk chiffon kimono, as I run to catch my train. I can already feel the excitement of this trip, I cannot wait to get to Paris! Arriving around midnight, it’s clear people see no reason to miss the city’s beauty at night as the city is buzzing I set off for my hotel.

Day 2. Waking up early the next morning, I decide to take a walk as almost everything is closed for Bastille day except for some galleries. It's easy to make my way through the city, luckily the museum L'erotisme in Montmartre is open today! They have a large collection of ancient art works from Africa and Japan to a department dedicated to the French history and some very naughty old video’s, I wont tell any more, you will have to see it with your own eyes! This afternoon I have a small photo shoot planned with a French photographer which ends up being very relaxed while enjoying the sun, coffee and good conversation. I already have to run again as the sun is setting. Tonight the city is celebrating, with a group of friends we sit on the roof of a beautiful apartment looking out over Paris and the fireworks on the Eifel tower, enjoying a glass of champagne while we watch the sky turn bright.

Day 3. My visit to Paris was both for work and pleasure but the meetings I have planned for today are no less exciting. I select one of my finest items of lingerie a deep aubergine floral embroidery lace, which almost screams confidence, I slip on a figure fitting black dress and slowly pull on my favourite stockings with a delicate lace border. I’m off to hit the city! After all my interesting meetings and endless amounts of the finest silks and dentelle. I pass the La Perla boutique, and no I cannot resist lingerie… I step in and walk around the beautiful store admiring the combination of feminine and strong silhouette’s  ranging from soft romantic nude looks to seductive black lace and bold red tulle bra’s, finally I decide on a unique black silk bra and matching thong. As much as I would love to buy their entire collection I enjoy the thought of coming back on my next trip and treasuring the memory of this one specific set. I am ready to try some of the famous French cuisine and wines tonight!

Day 4. I am sad that today will be the last day, but I have arranged for a meeting I could only dream off with one of the most respected lace designers in France! She creates the most intricate fabrics, which are not just a pleasure to the eye but feather light and as soft as silk. Now it’s truly time to go and as we leave Gare du Nord I am thinking about the designs for my new pieces. I am excited and anticipating what is waiting for me back home. 

I hope you have enjoyed reliving my memories of Paris as much as I have. I would love to share my passion of lingerie with you and to set the mood dancing to your favourite music in some of my most exclusive finds that are suitable to your personal fantasies!

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