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A little more about high class escort Alexis

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our elegant high class escort Alexis, who shares with you about her recruitment experiences when she decided she wanted to work as an high class escort.

"The moment has finally arrived. I am finally doing it. After thinking about it for a long time, I have just sent my application to Society Service. Pff nerves are rushing through my body... This is so exciting! Secretly, I do feel confident and wait full of sorrow. I have received the first response. Do you know the shocking feeling that goes through your entire body when something happens that you really didn't expect at that moment? Well that's what was going through my body, when I was enjoying a movie in a cinema, and receiving the first response on my cellphone. I was a little scared, am full of curiosity and am dying to open the email. But I am still in a packed cinema, where everybody can see what I'm doing. I decide to leave the movie theatre for a minute just before the movie starts. It's a positive response. I have completed the first selection. Some emails are exchanged, a phone call with Society Service and again a positive response; I am invited for an interview. I meet Marike in the lounge of a luxurious hotel in Amsterdam where we chat about what I do in day to day life, my studies and of course my motivation for wanting to do this. I tell her it sounds very exciting to me, the ideal job, during which I get to experience new things. After half an hour we finish the conversation and Marike asks me to sleep on it for a night. I am so excited and feel like I am glowing. If I am just as enthusiastic the next morning as I am right now, I can call her and she'll let me know if she wants to work with me as well. First thing next day I give her a call: I would love to. Luckily that's mutual. 

From here, there's a lot of emails, appointments with the escort agency, and my enthusiasm is growing by the day. There are a lot of preparations, you are not really thrown in with the sharks, but the moment has finally arrived...! It's 2.30PM and I am at university. Suddenly I hear my phone. "Can you be at a booking tonight at 7PM?" With a lot of enthusiasm and some healthy tension I answer yes. I turn away my phone and keep looking at the clock. My class isn't finished for an other half hour, but suddenly time seems to go very slowly. Once I am home I get nervous. A booking feels like a first date to me. Questions are going through my mind. What type of man wil it be? How will his personality be? What will his interests be? Will he be polite? Oh my... but... what will I wear? Shall I wear the pencil skirt that makes my ass look amazing? Or that one dress that shows off my new lingerie so beautifully? I decide to get in the shower, while thinking of the perfect outfit. Once I get out of the shower I put on some music. A mix of country, love songs and R&B. With my towel wrapped around me I open my closet and take my nail polish to my bed. While singing along with the music and putting on my nail polish I browse my closet. That's it! This outfit is perfect. Full of excitement and curiosity, if the man I am about to meet tonight will think it's perfect as well, I put on my lingerie and clothing when my nail polish has dried. My heels can stay off for a little longer. I am dancing elegantly and am singing in front of the mirror while I do my make up. I brush my hair and spray some perfume on my body. I look at the clock and realize time has gone much faster now. I take some jewelry from my jewelry box and select a piece that completes my outfit. Now I really have to hurry! I put on my high heels and coat and grab my bag. While walking at my front door, I take one last look in the mirror. Hmmz... that annoying little piece of hair, what is it doing there? I use my fingers to put it back where it belongs and walk out the door. Perfect, from head to toe, on my way to my 'very first date'."

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