Enjoy long foreplay with your escort

Enjoy long foreplay with your escort

Foreplay is important with a high class escort

If something is underestimated during the Girlfriend Experience with a high class escort from Society Service, it must be foreplay. Some people just stick to canoodling a bit, while others have understood how it works and take their time to optimally prepare the high class escort for what's coming next. Take it from us: almost all of our high class escort ladies will agree that extended foreplay will only benefit sex. But then again the question arises: what is good foreplay? Below some examples.

Take enough time for the high class escort

After a long evening, are you finally lying in your hotel bed with the dazzling high class escort? Don't go too fast. Take the time instead and ensure that you first relax. Pour in some champagne and then slowly induce the desire. Look each other in the eyes, flirt with the other, a soft caress and a compliment all contribute to a romantic atmosphere.

Undress each other slowly

Although it can of course be exciting to tear each other's clothes off immediately upon arrival, good foreplay is mainly about taking the time for everything. So instead of taking off all the clothes quickly, you undress each other slowly. You will see, it not only increases the tension, it also makes the interaction with the second more intense. Undoubtedly, your high class escort will be wearing the most stunning lingerie underneath her clothing, which certainly deserves some extra attention and admiration.

Feed each other with fruit, whipped cream and chocolate

Call the hotel reception upon arrival and order fresh fruit, whipped cream and chocolate. After all, there is little more sensual then feeding each other. Oh yes, don't forget to eat from each other's bodies. Because: how often do you have access to such a beautiful body that you can normally only dream about?

Erotic Sensual Massage

Take a warm and scented oil in your hands and then go on a journey of discovery with your hands along all body parts of the high class escort from Society Service. Here too the motto is: take all the time! In addition to that; kneading muscles to loosen up after an intensive workout may be nice, but it hardly increases the libido. Touch her softly, with long and slow movements for a sensual feeling.

Erogenous zones of the high class escort

Now that you have got to know each other's bodies better, the time has come to stimulate the erogenous parts. Where they are located exactly? The erogenous zones of the high class escort are located in her mouth, tongue, lips, ears, neck, breasts, nipples, navel, inner thighs, knee cavities, feet and of course: her vagina.

Don't forget the buttocks

Although the buttocks are not officially part of the erogenous zones, this doesn’t of mean you should ignore them. On the contrary! Knead them, lick and kiss them and if the high class escort enjoys this, you can also spank them lightly.

Blindfolds or tie each other

It can be very tempting to tie each other up. With your tie for example. You will notice that the atmosphere becomes even more exciting than it already is. You can also blindfold her. This makes every touch even more exciting. Increase the tension and work slowly towards the moment what you have worked so hard for: le grande finale!