Tantra training, safe sex and a Q&A with a sexologist

Tantra training, safe sex and a Q&A with a sexologist

Training for high class escort and gigolo

Every year we try to organize multiple training days where our high class escorts and exclusive gigolos can learn something new, or their memory can be refreshed. Last week it was that time again; training day in Rotterdam. Just like last year, nearly 40 of our high class escorts and gigolos gathered at Door2Door in Rotterdam, an information and service center for sex workers in Rotterdam.

Before the training day, we had asked our escorts and gigolos what they wanted to learn the most, and the subjects turned out to be tantra and sexology. In addition, we asked our escorts and gigolos to share their biggest irritation points during bookings, so that we can point this out to our clients. These are discussed in our next blog.

Tantra techniques by escort Jill and gigolo Yves

High class escort Jill has been working with pleasure for a while at our luxury escort service. And that is completely mutual, because both we and our clients find Jill a very pleasant lady. What makes Jill so special is her authenticity and empathy. She is sensitive without being floaty, easily makes an intimate connection with others, is patient and sweet and also very sensual and seductive. This makes her extremely suitable for our Virgin Experience, but it came as no surprise to anyone that Jill also knows a lot (and has experience with) of tantra. Gigolo Yves also has considerable experience with this, so we asked them to offer a nice introduction to tantra to our escorts. Jill and Yves were a super team together and in addition to attention for connection and awareness, they also demonstrated all kinds of (massage) techniques that occur in tantra. Now tantra is not something you can learn in a few hours, but the training by Jill and Yves has certainly inspired our other escorts and gigolos and taught them a thing or two!

Safe sex and confidant

In addition to the chosen topics, we also pay attention to safe sex each training day and what a confidant counselor can do for our escorts and gigolos. Safe sex is always an important part of working as a high class escort. During the conversation about safe sex, our escorts and gigolos also asked all kinds of questions. Among other things, it was discussed again what risks are associated with oral sex without a condom. For the male clients who read this; There are still so many risks associated with unprotected oral sex to a man that this simply remains with protection only. For the ladies, however, there is good news; the health risks associated with oral sex on a woman are negligible, provided she is not menstruating.

Questions for the sexologist

We had invited a very nice sexologist from Amsterdam, who is also familiar with special preferences such as BDSM. Our escorts and gigolos were asked to fill in questions beforehand, so that they could be discussed anonymously with the sexologist in a group context. The sexologist offered a different perspective from her position as a doctor, which was very interesting. She also emphasized how important it is that having sex should also be pleasant if you have a booking and that this benefits both the escort and the client. Topics such as erection disorders, special (BDSM) preferences and some practical sex related issues were also discussed. An educational afternoon.

Do you now think that there is something our escorts should really learn? Feel free to let us know, so that we may be able to please our escorts and gigolos with a new training!