Our escorts discuss the gigolos

Our escorts discuss the gigolos

The high class escorts about the new gigolos and male escorts

Last week, we finally launched our Gigolo Service, where ladies and couples can book a heterosexual gigolo or male escort. The gigolos have already been introduced to our high class escort ladies, in several ways. For example, a year ago we asked all of our escorts to stimulate all their handsome friends to apply with us, and have most gigolos participated with some shared trainings. With the Gigolo Service online, we asked some of our escort ladies how they feel about the male escorts. This is what they told us.

High class escort April about the gigolos

“I think it's amazing you can now also book gigolos! As a student, I often thought about how great it would be to book a gigolo, but I didn't have the financial means at the time - nor a reliable service available. I am not the type to go bar hopping, which made it more difficult to meet nice men. And when you do find one, you'll have to see and find out if it's safe to invite him back into your home. No, I prefer a professional: who knows how to provide a proper massage to a woman and who respects her boundaries - and who doesn't trouble you with calls and messages the next day! In a way, I see it as a form of emancipation, a recognition that women also desire sex. Nowadays, more and more movies show female pleasure, and not just male desire. An excellent and necessary development! Personally, I would like to spend some time with Greg or Damian. They look like nice, intelligent men with a nice body, but not too muscular. For me, desire begins in the mind!

High class escort Sienna over de gigolo's

"When the Gigolo Service was launched, I was very curious and I immediately checked out my male colleagues on the website. Although all the men seem attractive and interesting to me, one caught my eye; James. I am crazy about tall men with a sporty appearance. I think it would be great to have a duo booking with him, both with another couple or James and I with a female client. Hopefully this fantasy will come true one day! I think women who book a gigolo are self-confident ladies, who grant themselves this pleasure. These ladies are most likely busy and have no desire to date endlessly. I can only say; good for them and have fun!"

High class escort Taylor over de gigolo's

"In my opinion, the Gigolo Service is a great addition to the service that Society Service already offers. The gigolos are, like the female escorts, beautiful inside and outside, with something special to each and every gigolo. It's about time this service became available! I think women who book a gigolo are really cool and I certainly understand them. Some men are selfish, specially in the bedroom, and it sounds amazing to me to be with a gigolo who focusses his attention just on the woman. If I where to select a gigolo, I would love to do an other special duo with James, who I already share an exciting experience with. But Mason also appeals to me. From what I've seen so far, he can make you feel all woman. I would prefer to visit a couple together with a gigolo, that sounds really exciting to me."

High class escort Alice about the gigolos

"During my time at Society Service I have met many openminded, outgoing couples who invited me over for a sultry, sexy, steamy evening. I love how the dynamics change when you’re suddenly three instead of two in the bedroom. There’s so much more going on and the possibilities are endless. I can imagine that adding a fourth person into the mix would make it even more exciting. Having met most of my male colleagues at trainings already, I know that we have some charming guys at Society Service who would be very much into a double date. In my imagination we would go out for drinks or dinner with the four of us to get to know each other a little better. Sitting across from each other you’ll feel the tension rising and I imagine my tummy would start tingling already, knowing that the evening will only get more and more interesting from there on. Once we’re in the room the other lady and I could do a striptease for the men while they sit back and enjoy the view. After that I’ll show her how to give a nice massage and while I give her partner a relaxing backrub she’ll get to put her hands all over the handsome gigolo. I have thought of many scenarios for the rest of the evening but I’m sure that whatever happens, our double date will be even better than my fantasies.

Women’s sexuality is always a tricky subject. Many women still feel somewhat embarrassed to admit that they enjoy (casual) sex. Personally I am not afraid to admit that I love intimacy in almost any form but for some reason it seems that our society hasn’t entirely embraced ladies that enjoy sex yet. We are often referred to as 'sluts' while men are “allowed” to have several partners, watch porn and treat themselves to a nice evening with an escort. Starting the Gigolo Service shows that there are many well respected, intelligent ladies that do enjoy sex and like to spoil themselves with the company of a good-looking gent who’ll treat them right, make them feel relaxed and give them an unforgettable experience. It is just as normal for women to enjoy sex and intimacy as it is for men, so finally having a proper agency offering the ultimate boyfriend experience is, in my opinion, a great step towards sexual equality for us ladies."