Luna's travel bucketlist for after Corona

Luna's travel bucketlist for after Corona

High class escort Luna has a special bucketlist

We are still in the middle of the Corona crisis, but this will undoubtedly make you think… what would I like to do next what I am currently missing? High class escort Luna from Alkmaar also thought about this and wrote something nice about it.

Luna is a high class escort from North Holland provide

"What is the first thing you will do after the Corona-crisis Luna? When the ‘lock-down’ is over, I will go out for nice dinners, enjoy the terraces but above all, travel as much as possible!

Anyone who read my blog last year knows that one of my personal goals in 2019 was to get rid of my fear of flying. After the so called ‘anti fear of flying’ course, I was still anxious to take the next step, until a dream offer came from an unexpected angle. An international booking through Society Service to Paradise. Weekly, perhaps even daily, I remember this fantastic trip with melancholy. Beautiful white beaches, snorkeling after turtles and dining at spectacular locations in very good company."

If this can be found in the world, I want to see the entire world… 

"Two trips were already planned for 2020, one in January and one in June. Last January I wenst to Marrakesh accompanied by a girlfriend. Sleeping in a family owned Riad, shopping in the Souks, relaxing in the Hamam, a desert tour on a quad and dining at Comptoir Darna with a show of belly dancers (see photo). Fortunately, this was all possible in January and after a few tears of me in the airplane, we safely landed back on Dutch soil. 

The trip planned for June was canceled due to the flight restrictions. But as soon as traveling will be possible again, I will be front row. The whole world is a lot… and I believe… that I have some catching up to do. Are you with me?"

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