Escort foursome fantasy come true

Escort foursome fantasy come true

A foursome with three bisexual high class escorts

A bisexual duobooking is a very popular choice at our high class escortservice. But every now and then there are clients who want something extra special and invite three escorts for a bisexual foursome. Recently, our high class escorts Abby, Nadia and Jade where chosen as the lucky ladies for a bisexual foursome. Or perhaps the client was the lucky one, who will tell. We asked the ladies to tell us a bit more about this very special escort booking.

High class escort Abby about the foursome

"Not too long ago I had the opportunity to meet some very special people, who gave me a night I shall remember for a long time. I remember feeling very excited when I woke up in the morning, and I immediately looked at the email Marike sent me with the booking information. As usual, the email consisted of the basic information that I had to know so I can prepare myself properly, such as the location and the clothing preferences. There was, however, one unusual thing in the email. Something that sadly is not requested as often as I would like… a foursome. I kept looking at it over and over again. A foursome, with the beautiful and intelligent ladies Nadia and Jade! I could hardly believe it. I was so glad when I read that, since a foursome is something I frequently fantasize about. I took great care that day in my bathing ritual and selecting my outfit and lingerie. I packed some extra toys and lingerie in my bag, for I could only guess what the girls and the gentleman’s preference would be. The most important thing for me is that we all feel comfortable and move at a pace that we all agree with, and it can never hurt to be prepared in case things get extra spicy in the bedroom… I was not disappointed, for I had a wonderful evening with good food and drinks, and of course great company. I was sad to leave because I did not know when I would see them again. Nadia has gorgeous black hair and a face I could just stare at for hours, while Jade has mesmerizing eyes and a butt that is hard to keep your hands off of. As for the gentleman, that will be our little secret. It was an extremely pleasant evening, one I hope can be repeated in the future."

High class escort Nadia about the foursome

"For every date I have, I take enough time to prepare myself. I call it my ritual. I take a long hot bath, make sure that I am fresh and fruity in all places, put a mask on my face and my hair and eventually put a nice cream on my body to make my skin silky soft. But this time it was a bit different. I did not only have a booking with a nice gentleman, but also with 2 ladies! A foursome with Abby and Jade. Unfortunately, this is not very common. I was very enthusiastic and could not wait until I could get in the taxi to go to the booking. I had my nicest lingerie on, got my hair a bit extra done and I brought some extra toys and oils in my bag. I met the ladies first and there was a click right away. I was amazed by their beauty and class. Together we went upstairs and we enjoyed a lovely evening full of tasty drinks, snacks and warm bodies pushed together. Many people will think that a foursome is too busy, but with these ladies and gentlemen there was a perfect balance. We felt each other well and because of the great chemistry it was as if our bodies became one in the bedroom. This was a night that I will certainly not soon forget, but certainly want to experience again with the beautiful Jade and Abby."

High class escort Jade about the foursome

"Since I’ve been working at Society Service, many fantasies have already been fulfilled. One thing that was still on my list was a booking with two other high class escort ladies. The idea of seducing and pampering a man with two beautiful women seemed really great to me. One evening I sat quietly on the couch when I suddenly received a booking request. And not just any request, but a request for a booking with two other escorts. My heart jumped and suddenly starts to beat faster. This booking is going to make my fantasy a reality. On my way to the booking I’m viewing the photos on the website of Nadia and Abby. I catch myself unable to stop looking at the beautiful bodies of the two escorts. Excited and full of naughty thoughts, I walk into the hotel, where my eyes immediately see a beautiful lady in the lobby. Because of her beautiful long blond hair and radiant eyes, I immediately knew this was Abby. Without taking my eyes off her for even one second, I sit next to her. She is even more beautiful than in the photos. Not much later Nadia walked in. Her beautiful shiny hair and amazing body immediately attracted all attention. She quickly sat down next to us and we started chatting. I instantly felt a connection between us three and the only thing that went through my mind was how excited I was to pamper each other and our client together.

While enjoying some food and drinks we got to know each other better and this made me even more excited for what would happen in the bedroom later this evening. As the evening progressed we decided to go to the bathroom with the three of us to surprise our date with the sexy lingerie we were wearing. Before I knew it, we were pampering each other and our date with wonderful full body massages. Not only our date was enjoying it, but I certainly did too. Because of the incredibly soft breasts of Abby slipping over my body and the naughty sultry look of Nadia, I imagined myself in the seventh heaven. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and it was time for us to go. We kissed each other goodbye and while on the way home I realized that I had just experienced an incredible evening. The only thing I can do now is hope that this will happen again very soon."