A raving review for escort Jane by a couple

A raving review for escort Jane by a couple

When a couple books an high class escort

Every now and then, a review reaches our office that is so amazing we cannot help ourselves and want to share it with the world. At just an other saturday night, a couple booked one of our high class escorts for a couple experience. They where looking for a passionate threesome and really liked the profile of escort Jane. Setting up a booking for a new client always requires some more time and details and all our questions where politely and patiently answered by the couple. Luckily, their favorite escort Jane was still available so off she went.

What initially was just a few hours was extended to a night of passion and when we spoke to Jane the next morning she was very excited about the booking. One of her most fun bookings so far, she told us. They had fun all night long and not only fun in the bedroom. The connection and atmosphere had been great Jane was looking forward to meeting them again, which she was confident would happen in the very near future.

An amazing review

A week passed and then the following email reached us:

Dear Marike,

After an amazing date with Jane last saturday, we would like to share our experiences. So here we go.

For some time we've been intrigued by high class escort and specially Society Service. We have checked out the website several times and with pleasure, discussing the options between the two of us. Not only are the escorts stunning, but the services offered are very diverse and professional. Last week, our plans got a bit more serious and my partner asked me to select the most suitable lady. I easily selected Jane. Beautiful body and a description that appealed to me. We didn't make a booking however. Then saturday night, we where in a relaxed flow and checked the availability of the ladies. When Jane turned out to be available, we couldn't let this 'chance' slip by. It was very convenient you where able to set things up quickly and in a matter of minutes the booking was confirmed. 

I got a little bit nervous. Would we have a great connection; what would it be like; when would she arrive... Sooner than expected Jane arrived. And wauw, I was immediately impressed. Beautiful, chique but with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. Straight away, I felt more than okay. We all put ourselves in a vulnerable position, but that enabled us to connect and create a great atmosphere. I told her it felt like a dream and honestly that's how it felt the entire time. 

After some bubbles and some chit chat, we got dressed; what a party. So much fun to get ready together, while my boyfriend was enjoying whatever was coming. Jane gave us a sexy show and oelalalalaaa it was really sexy. During the entire date we built up tention together over and over again, to multiple climaxes. It was sensual but also uninhibited and porno style. She asked is about our desires and they all came true.

We have really enjoyed this blissful night and now know 3 hours is not enough with this amazing lady. We would like to invite her for an other evening/night soon. One of us will contact you regarding this soon. Until then we would appreciate it if you could pass on this email to Jane.

Love Couple XXX

To make people feel good

Well... Couple XXX... Jane and we are delighted to set up an other date for you, and we hope many more will follow. It is such a pleasure to read feedback like this, it lights up our day. At the end of the day, this is why we are in this business. To make people feel good, and seems like that goal was achieved!