Escort during your studies and career

Escort during your studies and career

From student to career; High class escort Hannah is back!

Like many of our ladies, Hannah worked with our high class escortservice when she was still a student. She quit when she graduated and wanted to focus on her career. An boy oh boy did she! Hannah has climed the corporate ladder and is now in the position (pun intended) that she wants to be in... career wise.

We all know the saying 'work hard, play hard' and it was time for Hannah to add some 'play' to all her hard work. We were very happy to hear from her again welcomed her back with open arms. Hannah tells us a bit more about why she decided to return to our high class escortservice and we managed to dig up her old pictures. They are not recent enough to put in her profile but rest assured; Hannah still looks every bit as great now as she did then, if not better!

I'm back as a high class escort at Society Service!

"During my student days, I took the plunge and applied for a job at Society Service. It was the ultimate side job that made all my (naughty) dreams come true. Think great sex, a fantastic salary and the luxury of being pampered by intriguing men. It was almost like I was living my own Bond Girl fantasy, and oh boy, was it exciting!

After my studies I decided to take my career seriously and give up my work as an escort, but some loves never die. Now that I have built a stable career, the desire for adventure and excitement started to tickle again. Fortunately, Society Service is like a warm bath that I could immediately dive back into.

I can't wait to pop the champagne with you and celebrate my return to Society Service. Let's experience many more beautiful and naughty adventures together! XO - HANNAH"


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